Track Stars: Women Who Pioneered The Celebrity Weave Movement Way Back When

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Before celebrity weaves took a turn for the worst, these ladies did it best.

Celebrities Who Had Good Weaves Back In The Day

It’s no secret that celebrities have been wearing weaves for longer than most of us can remember. But even though it’s been happening for a while, it hasn’t always been popular.

The saying goes that there’s nothing new under the sun, but these trendsetting tenderonis definitely gave life to the track game before it became common.

Here’s  a look at a few ladies of the limelight who pioneered the weave game early on with some of the most undetectable, natural looking locks we’ve seen.

Toni Braxton
When Toni popped up in a series of music videos for her “Secrets” album  and ditched her short-hair-don’t-care steez for these long locks back in ’96, we were all amazed. We knew it wasn’t hers, but damn if it didn’t look good and natural.

Vanessa Williams
Vanessa made waves as the first African-American woman ever to be crowned Miss America and she had a head full of her own hair when she won. So when she started adding a few pieces for fullness and flair, we barely noticed.

Foxy Brown
Fox Brown was about as raunchy as they came back in the day, second to only her arch nemesis Lil’ Kim. But to be so hood, her weave game was almost always proper. And then things went……left.

Halle Berry
Halle ditched the signature cropped cut that made her famous for a few movie roles back in the late 90s/early 2000s and her track game was so proper that if you were hiding under a rock and somehow didn’t already know who she was, you probably thought it was all her hair.

Jody Watley
Jody Watley’s long tresses were the envy of many women and in the fantasies of men everywhere when she was on the scene.

When Aaliyah went from tomboy to tempstress over night, she had every lil black girl in America wanting her hair, her clothes and everything in between. Although her own hair was long and flowing, she had arguably the sickest weave extensions ever in the history of celebrity weaves before many of us even knew that such a thing existed. She sadly passed away in a plane crash in 2001……and her hairstylist did too. RIP.

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    Tyra Banks
    As one of very few black supermodels on the scene back in the day, Tyra definitely held it down something serious. Weaves weren’t as widely popular back then as they are now, so very few people knew to question whether or not it was hers. Not to mention that she always looked flawless in front of the camera.  Or maybe it was just that no one was paying attention to her hair with those other things front and center..

    Janet Jackson
    Janet playing Penny on “Good Times” marked one of the very very few times we’d even seen her real hair up until a few years ago. But back in the late 80s and early 90s before singers started really even started wearing weaves, she had a pretty believable and virtually undetectable head of horse hair that always looked like a million bucks.

    Robin Givens
    Although our introduction to this jumpoff-turned-actress wasn’t so pleasant, she’s been bringing her A game when it comes to her weave since the 90s. Probably at Mike Tyson’s expense. Ah well.

    Diana Ross
    We decided to add one more as an honorable mention by popular demand. While “natural” wouldn’t be quite the word to describe this wild and wavy weave from way back when, not many can deny that Lady Di inspired many a weave that followed.

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