Caught? ‘Kardashians’ Reality Show Producer Puts Kimmy Cakes On Blast And Admits To Purposely Making Kris Humphries Look Like A Fool On Camera

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Did ish just hit the divorce court fan for Kim?

‘Kardashians’ Reality Show Producer Admits Re-Shooting Scenes To Vilify Kris Humphries

Kim Kardashian’s bitter ex-baller boo Kris Humphries has been thirsting for revenge in the form of a messy, expensive divorce that he’s been working tirelessy to turn into a smear campaign all in the name of love lost. Or, according the “Dumped Hump”, love that never really existed.

Though he’s previously had little luck with this efforts and has left most wondering why he won’t just give it up and move on from the situation, a new lengthy deposition courtesy of the “Keeping Up With Kardashians” producer looks to have possibly given life to the Hump’s dying case against his knocked up future ex-wifey Kim.

via Hollywood Life

In a 165-page deposition obtained by Life & Style, Keeping Up With the Kardashians producer, Russell Jay reveals that multiple scenes from the show were “scripted, reshot or edited” to make Kim’s ex Kris look like a villain, including the momentous proposal scene.

Russell admitted that Kim knew about Kris’ surprise proposal and that she even requested to have it reshot because she wasn’t happy with her reaction. “She didn’t like how her face looked,” Life & Style reports.

The deposition also includes evidence of the Kardashians constructing the divorce narrative. Russell also confirmed that the scene on the show where Kim confesses to momager Kris Jenner that she’s having second thoughts about her marriage was actually shot after Kim had already filed for divorce.

The production revelations seem to be a huge win for Kris, who is suing Kim, accusing her of setting him up and faking their marriage in the name of TV.

Although this sounds like just the thing Kris Humphries needs to prove his point, it could also prove to be the thing that shuts his entire “case” against Kim down, because can it really be considered “fraudulent” if he agreed to re-shoot scenes and play along? Hmmmmmmm.

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