Elsewhere In The World: Pakistani Soldier Gets Tied To The Hood Of A Car, Stoned To Death And Then Shot For Romantic Relationship With Woman

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Pakistani Man Stoned To Death For Relationship With Woman

Dating in the United States definitely comes with its downside, but other countries like Pakistan take “downside” to an entirely different level.

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Tribesmen tied a Pakistani soldier to the hood of a car and stoned him to death in the country’s restive northwest for allegedly having a romantic relationship with a local woman, government officials and a tribal elder said Wednesday.

The grisly incident took place Tuesday in Parachinar, the capital of the Kurram tribal area. Kurram is part of Pakistan’s semiautonomous tribal region, which runs along the country’s border with Afghanistan and is dominated by conservative Pashtun tribesmen.

The soldier, Nooruddin Aalam, allegedly began his relationship with the woman during a previous posting in the area, said a local government official. He was transferred elsewhere three months ago but returned to see the woman in recent days, said the official.

Residents allegedly caught the couple dating, said a local tribal elder. Leaders of various tribes met Monday and decided the soldier should be executed according to Islamic law, said the elder.

A second government official said locals took Aalam to a graveyard, tied him to the hood of a car and stoned him to death, then shot him.

It doesn’t appear that either of these two people involved were married while in this relationship, so Pakistan “dating” laws must be pretty strict. Cold world.

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