Put On Blast: The Man Responsible For Leaking Money Makin’ Mitt’s “47%” Rant Is Ready To Come Forward For The First Time Tonight!

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James Mitt Jimmy

Surprise! You’re on candid camera d-bag!

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson To Come Forward As The Man Who Leaked The Mitt Romney 47% Rant

Via HuffingtonPost

Bill Clinton won the presidential election for Barack Obama. But it wasn’t his masterful Democratic National Convention speech or the advice he offered the president’s reelection campaign. Clinton, it turns out, inspired the man who filmed Mitt Romney’s infamous and game-changing 47 percent comments.

HuffPost has agreed to withhold the name of the surreptitious filmmaker until he breaks his silence on MSNBC’s “The Ed Show” Wednesday evening, followed by an appearance on HuffPost Live Thursday morning. In interviews over the last several months, he laid out his thinking before and after Romney’s speech.

The man, who tended bar for a company that catered to a high-end clientele, had previously worked at a fundraiser at a home where Clinton spoke. After Clinton addressed guests, the man recalled, the former president came back to the kitchen and thanked the staff, the waiters, the bartenders, the busboys, and everyone else involved in putting the event together. He shook hands, took photos, signed autographs, and praised the meal — all characteristic of the former president.

When the bartender learned he would be working at Romney’s fundraiser, his first thought was to bring his camera, in case he had a chance to get a photo with the presidential candidate.

Romney, of course, did not speak to any of the staff, bussers or waiters. He was late to the event, and rushed out. He told his dinner guests that the event was off the record, but never bothered to repeat the admonition to the people working there.

One of them had brought along a Canon camera. He set it on the bar and hit the record button.

Jimmy Carter’s grandson, James, took the brunt of the public publicity for making sure that the tape was serviced to all the national media outlets.

Might have to give James Carter and his soon-to-be-named friend a hood pass. Barry-O ‘preciates y’all playa!

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