Chief Keef’s Comin’ Home From Juvey And Grandma Wants The Young Freaks To Get Off Sosa’s Jock, “Oooh Those Girls Are The Devil!”

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These birches love Sosa… But they better watch out for “Keith’s” Gangsta Grams! Chief Keef is set to leave juvie today and nobody is more excited than his grandmother.

The rapper’s grams spoke to Chicago’s about his release and here’s what she had to say:

“I’m so glad he’s coming home because it hurts my soul that he’s locked up,” Margaret Carter said Wednesday. “Oh, it wears and tears on me.”

Awww poor Granny. Fortunately Keef’s lawyer says once he appears in court Thursday he’ll be finished dealing with the parole violation issues that got him locked up.

Granny Carter says she’s not sure whether he will follow through on getting baptized, but she’s hopeful he’ll stay focused.

Carter visited Chief Keef three times while he was locked up. She said he has been focused on music and studying for this high school equivalency exam — but she’s not sure if he took the test.

“Keith’s got a lot of music. He wrote a lot before he went in, and he wrote a lot while he was gone,” she said. “He’s focusing music … and he wants to be baptized.”

Well, Granny says she doesn’t know if Chief Keef actually plans on taking up Pastor Corey Brooks on his offer to baptize the rapper.
“Keith talked to me sideways about it,” Carter said. “That’s his old neighborhood pastor. There’s no telling what he told Corey, and if he’ll do something different. But Keith’s little sister says she wants to go with him. And my oldest son says he wants to get baptized again, too. … We’ll see what Sunday brings us.”

Carter also commented on the recent death of 6-month-old Jonylah Watkins, shot just a mile from the apartment where she and Keef were living. She also expressed some concerns about him getting that groupie love.

“It’s crazy out here. I really feel for that baby that died, 6 months old,” she said. “Are we living in the end days … like it says in the Bible? Feels like it.”

Still, Carter said she’s not worried about Chief Keef — who raps about shooting rivals and snitches — getting involved in violence or getting caught with guns.

“I ain’t worried. Keith is going to be good,” she said. “His devil is all those girls. Oooh, those girls are the devil. Everybody needs to just leave him alone and give him a big box of rubbers.”

Granny is PURE COMEDY. Hope Keef is listening. Stay strapped!


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