Ciara’s “Essence”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Check out your girl, Ciara, in a decent spread for Essence Mag. Lil’ Ci Ci could use about a month’s worth of collard greens, some homemade macaroni and fried chicken, but she does look nice. Go, girl.

One more pic of a more skimpy variety for you up under the hood.

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  • Boogs


  • Kakey

    She still looks like a man in drag, love the clothes. HATE THE HAIR.

  • Boogs

    But this news is old. She’s all the way flyy though…

  • What Now

    Shes aight

  • blah blah gaga gaga lalala

    Amazing! She looks like the first African American Vogue cover model Beverly Johnson. Love that look on her…

  • Kakey

    Guuuuuuuuhhhhhhh BEVERLY JOHNSON?! A LIE! more like RU PAUL!

  • Its6amHoGetOut

    I don’t care about No weave wearing ho. I want that nigga 50 cent. He act like a bitch sometimes but all he need is this dic* right here.

  • Kakey

    ROTFLMAO @ Its6am lmao!! That might be part of the reason 50 wit Ciara… :-/!

  • im@oVeR

    ummmm..she looks juuuust a tid bit uncomfortable…but i guess it could be worse

  • the truth

    They airbrushed the hell out of those pictures.

  • me

    LOL @ THE ABOVE IDIOTS. anyway, bossip get some money for better scanners. what yall don’t lie enough for hits.

    ci looks gorg. she’s a model she’s suppose to be fit. if you want a chicken with hamhogs for thighs, you post enough beyonce here so look at that pic

  • Hotstuff

    She looks gorgeous, but I agree she needs to put on a few more pounds… Go back to what she looked like when she first came out.

  • d303

    why are the women starting to look like the transgendered variety…….just sayin’

  • Redd Tony

    I just wanna say f*ck you Bossip for taking off that Bin laden and Israel thread! Yall know I was speaking some real shit! Yall love to keep Black people ignorant!

  • Colonel Stink Meaner



    the pics look hot, like professional high end pics, on the second pic of her sitting in the chair i think the red lipstick takes away from her face and the pic as a whole though, the should have used like a pale, nude color on her lips for thaat one. but overall the pics look nice and her poses

  • Toni

    She look like a sack of bones.

    Scrony, bulimic, tired looking tranny. She’s over already. Her album will flop like hot cakes..Fantasy FLOP..whose really checking for that thang? Honestly.

    Her weave looks as dry as a cracka, she needs quit this. It is obviously not working out for her.

    I still can’t get over he DIVA remix! Is she crazy? UHHH!! Stupid HO!

    However, Go Girl’s my jam!

  • Black Beauty

    She looks nice, I quess she is really trying to get her model on.


    @me dang it must be true all that stuff sandrose posted about ciara, how she wanted to be potrayed as a model and her manager wasn’t making it happen, and how ciara thought she was better than rihanna and beyonce, and how ciara has temper tantrums and nobody in the industry really likes her and she has no friends, and etc lol lol lol lol lol

  • Octavia

    Wow. I am loving that cover!

  • Whitney

    She looks fantastic! She def has the height and the weight to be a model.

    Go Girl~

  • Just Because's Lost Intelligence

    @just because

    Believing anything that fake blogger reports is like getting your news from mediafakeout.
    Stop being gullible and naive.

  • Roe ski Love

    Sorry! Women sitting with their legs spread wide open just dosn’t do it for me. Nice try though!

  • Hater IN Denial

    @ Just Because… plz don’t get shit started, you must know how emotional wackara street team is?

  • Chanel Shades

    Stop attacking womens bodies with your negative comments Bossip. SHE LOOKS GREAT.

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