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Pimpin’ ain’t easy… but it sure is good for TV ratings! Joe Budden is taking his reality TV problems in stride, especially when it comes to the two women in his life.

In an interview with Joe Budden admits that it was tough getting caught between Kaylin and Tahiry but that overall he has no regrets:

“Are there moments that I would have wanted to go differently? Certainly,” he told ”I wish that Kaylin and Tahiri wouldn’t have ended up scrapping on TV. But the reality is I did all I could to control what I could in that situation to try to make it go a different way and it didn’t. I controlled what I could and that’s me. I’m powerless over what they do.”

“What you see is what it is,” Budden said. “Everything that happened as far as story line on the show was stuff that I was really going through. Did I foresee getting involved in addiction? No. But that was something I was going through at the time. Did I foresee me being in some type of love triangle with two women? No. That’s what was happening in realtime so it would be hard to foresee it.”

“If you live with regrets you will die with them, too,” Budden said. “If you change one thing in the world, even the smallest thing, it changes the course of everything after. All of my yesterdays make my today. So, no regrets at all. I love today. I love the path that got me where I am today.”

Joe seems to be so easygoing about the whole scenario. How do you think the Tahiry/Kaylin situation will ultimately play out?



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