Naomi’s in the Clear…For Now

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Raging catwalk diva, Naomi Campbell, just got off the hook:

Supermodel Naomi Campbell has settled a lawsuit brought by a former nanny who alleged the beauty attacked him. Romanian Gary Gibson accused the British model of assaulting him when she couldn’t find a pair of jeans she wanted to wear, according to the New York Post. But the case has now been settled amicably, although details are to remain confidential. Campbell’s lawyer, David Breitbart, says: “I think everybody is happy this is over.”

Get a glimpse of Naomi on this months’ cover of Vogue China right about now.


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  • dogworld


  • dogworld

    bahahaha i actually got first!!! The power!!! The pure, unfiltered, unfathomable power BAHAHAAHAHAHA

  • Ermy Erm (Blah, its snowy. Took me 2 flippin hrs to get to work!)

    LMAO…QQ’n @ dogworld…ummmm ok. Never got why people feel the need to say first and what not.

    ANYHOO…Ms. Campbell needs to be in some kind of anger management classes or needs to get checked by somebody. These tantrums on a grown woman is NOT cute.

  • sexygurl24lib

    crazy bitch… as evry other bw! haha… enuff already

  • Kay

    One of these days she is going to try acting a fool with the wrong one and they are going to beat her ass!!!!! Its evident that she hasn’t tried this shit with a REAL BLACK WOMAN yet….

  • Raquel26

    She needs to get her ass whooped, plain and simple. She’s too grown to be acting like this.

    Shiiiid, she gonna be even more upset when she gets older and starts to age.

    Whatcha gonna do then?????????????

  • Raquel26

    And not every black woman is a crazy bitch. Stop generalizing and get a clue.

  • hkjcjlkcj

    nanny? does she have kids ???

  • Adrienne

    Naomi is too pretty to be that damn crazy….SMH

  • shar

    1. Gary Gibson does not sound like a romanian name.
    2. How long is that finger she is pointing. Is it the longest index finger in the world?
    3. Was he her nanny? Maybe she needed his services because she is going through the terrible thirties, you know like the terrible two’s where grown women throw tantrums when their Manny dresses them in clothes they don’t like.

  • http://bossip AKEYS

    Naomi is a crazy Bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • T-Bird

    This woman is manic depressive…One good beat down from anyone that she assaults and she will stop these shenanigans. Im sure this won’t be the end of it…somebody’s fashion week is coming up and she will be right back with the antics

  • RE RE

    I dont think Naomi is pretty at all, and she knows deep down inside that she’s not pretty that’s why she is crazy she knows she’s ugly all she need is a good old fashion ass kicking and she would stop throwing phones and act much better.

  • http://bossip Shaunie27


  • YoungGrownPhillyWoman

    earth to naomi: cut the crap and focus on that billionaire.

  • Binary Star

    Does Naomi have children? I didn’t think so but why else would she need a nanny?

  • lala#1

    The nanny is for her!!!!!!! she still has not grown up! Acting worse than most 4 yrs old! lol

  • Tealeaf

    One day somebody will seriously injured this Brat

    Also instead fighting she needs to work on that terrible hairline and Hammer toe..

  • Rough Shot

    Tealeaf I agree one day she is going to mess with wrong woman one day and you can kiss modeling career goodbye. Naomi watch your six, billionaire dude won’t be around for long

  • Rough Shot

    Please excuse the typos

  • Volcanoluau

    People who have been attacked by Naomi know what they are doing. Naomi’s net worth 7 years ago was around 35-40 million dollars. It must be double that by now. Each lawsuit brought against her can be anywhere from 1 million to 15 million dollars. Back in the 1990s it was reported that supermodels insure their bodies from anywhere from 1million- to over 100 million dollars. If someone should beat Naomi’s @$$ proper, not only can she sue (she can’t make a living off her looks anymore) and you get arrested, but she can also cash in on insurance. If Naomi beats you, take her @$$ to court. But

  • Junk

    Naomi has anger issues, no doubt. But I would still want her on my side if a fight breaks out.


    good for u naomi.

    she’ll fight anyone

  • shar

    1. The “nanny” was in fact a maid.
    2. The maid is called Gaby not “Gary”

    I wonder if she beats up her Russian billionaire? Do you think he likes it when she gets angry with him?

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