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Minister Louis Farrakhan’s views on T.I.’s situation:

“T.I. was set up and they are trying with Lil’ Wayne.”


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  • Hamsterlicious

    Ummm…. yeah, right!

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque
  • Coop

    When the Minister address the way rapper treat woman a lot of you applaud him, but now when he says TI was set up we shake our head without even hearing the speech. It like questioning Nas’s album and no one knows what point he will make.

    I guess we just like to pick and choose.

  • Jen

    Did she blow him off also? Didn’t hear the speach but I am sure Super head was not affected.

  • Coop

    *New* Papoose – “Sharades Part 2” talks about T.I. Set up, Prodigy, Mychal Bell, Foxy Brown, 50



    Maybe that last stroke he had did something to his brain. Still like the guy, though. Trying to setup lil’ Wayne?

  • NARS


    You are supposed to pick and choose. It’s called using your brain..

  • John

    I can’t go with this set-up deal. No, No way SORRY!!!

  • Buckwheat

    Now, now people, he would know a lot about set-ups, and conspiracies, considering what happen to Brother Malcolm X.

  • MissOMyGoodnezz

    I believe TI was set up as well. However I believe TI allowed himself to be set up. He allowed himself to get involved with the wrong things and the wrong people and those people used him as a target. Happens all the time. Thats why we’ve got to be smarter. If he wouldnt have concerned himself with them damn machine guns in the first place, he wouldnt be in the situation.

  • IBW- Ideal Black Woman

    He might as well come out and say R. Kelly was set up too.

  • all I got to say is...

    Minister Farrakhan is a fake-ass minister. SMH. That has to be the HGM picture of the year.

  • Mary J Blige

    ooohhh i love his complexion! u go gurrrll

  • http://www.gravatar.com Mzgapeach


  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=swUbRa_ijVw&feature=PlayList&p=60C2A51359524507&index=44 Ms. Sugar Walls

    He has a point! I was thinking that from the beginnng! Although, he TI put himself in that situation! The was waiting on him to slip up!

  • moxpoe1

    I agree with Farakhan, it looks, smells, and walks like a setup. You wanna move up in those agencies, you got to catch (set)someone up doing something.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Yeah,he got set up, by his bodygard!!! If it’s a conspiracy….I don’t know because I am the LAST one to believe in the black man’s conspiracy theory in general while I don’t deny that there is still a WHOLE LOT of racism in this country. A whole lot more the people want to admit.

  • here we go

    TI was set-up, thats what police do, when they KNOW you are doing something wrong, they SET YOU UP to CATCH you doing what your doing WRONG!!! please stop making excuses. Everytime a Black man screws up people always want to make excuses for their bad behavior. LOCK HIS ASS UP!

  • dee

    we are all set up from day one, birth.

  • coop


    There is nothing wrong with using your brain. The problem is when we refuse to hear what a person has to say if we don’t think it supports our preformed opinion.

  • Kdogg

    Anyone ever see that gag where someone attaches a dollar to a string and waits for someone to try to pick it up? When the “victim” reaches for it, the perpetrator pulls the string and the dollar out of the vics grasp.

    Even though the victim was “setup”, the gag doesn’t work unless the victim actually reaches for the dollar.

    Obviously, TI’s situation is a little more complex than this but it is also just as simple if you break it down. If TI, the felon, did not involve himself illegally with guns, he would not be in trouble now. The alleged setup does not work,if he does not take the bait.

  • La. Finest

    I don’t konow if it was a setup, but it was stupid as hell. He should have never got himself involved in a situation that could potientally ruin his life.

  • La. Finest

    Oh and Weezy ass is just a straight up junkie, crackhead, drug addict whatever you wanna call him. He need to hit rehab real quick be 4 he overdose or sumthin.

  • Legal Justice


    Now, now people, he would know a lot about set-ups, and conspiracies, considering what happen to Brother Malcolm X.

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ CO-SIGN 1000%. Let’s not also forget about Brother Khalid Muhammad – the second coming of Malcolm X IMO.

  • Apple

    He was set up…Obviously..and he was stupid enough to take the bait..

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