JLo & Skeletor: “We’re Just Fine”

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Camp Lopez is trying to stomp out the rumors that divorce is on the horizon:

Jennifer Lopez has denied further rumors her marriage to Marc Anthony is in trouble, insisting she didn’t wear her wedding ring to the Golden Globes because ‘it didn’t go with the dress.’ The actress made the bizarre remark after she was snapped posing on the red carpet at the awards ceremony without her wedding band.

But J. Lo insists she was just making a fashion statement. She told American magazine In Touch: “Every time I’m not wearing my ring, people think I’m getting divorced. “That’s crazy. It just didn’t go with the dress. Divorce is not and was never an option.”

The couple has been dogged by break-up reports for weeks, with one U.S. tabloid claiming the couple will announce a break-up publicly on Valentine’s Day. Publicists for the couple have dismissed the report as “nonsense”.

What the hell does she mean by “divorce is not and was never an option”? Are they willing to stay together, even if they’re thwacking each other upside the head every day? And what’s this bullsh*t about the ring not matching with the dress? This crap sounds suspect indeed. Trifling.


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  • Titti

    Who cares?!

  • Ermy Erm (Blah, its snowy. Took me 2 flippin hrs to get to work!)

    yeah right just like Madonna sayin her and Ritchie were fine and then announcing the divorce a couple weeks later. WHO CARES!! ITs KARMA FOR BOTH THESE TRICKS!!

  • Raquel26

    In hollyweird, we have to take what they say and reverse it. When they deny, its true. When its true, they deny.

    Pretty simple……but again, who cares??



  • GGooDie

    Why did you call Marc Anthony Skeletor LOL

    Anywho, this is good for Jennifer Lopez….”Love Don’t Cost A Thing”

    Yeah Bitch. You better put something up before you loose your eight love.

    Sap Sucka!

  • shar

    Skeletor, I’ve always thought that too. Haha Bossip

  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    who gives a rat’s furry ass? she tries way too hard, for me…

  • Frog-a-licious

    I just have a feeling that she’s ‘leaking’ these stories herself just to stay relevant . Poor thing.

  • da darkness

    I’m knocking those boots

  • Brooklyn

    don’t shit match that horrible ass Golden Globe stunt double dress….YUCK!!!

  • Leo

    all that aside…..fatty is mean!!!

  • http://bossip AKEYS

    Publicity Stunt she must have a album coming out

  • NB

    JLO is looking so tranny in that pose ugh!

  • sickofitt

    @da darkness I’m knocking those boots

    I know you are!!

    As for JLO, YYYAAAWWWWNNNNN!!!!! Who gives a frock!


    I believe her when she says their good, Hell spanish men always Beat their women. J-lo know she needs discipline. “Woop!!! that trick Marc A.”

  • http://www.myspace.com/ocky_j Octavia

    LOL @ J.Lo still taking all her shots from the back.


  • lala#1

    “..insisting she didn’t wear her wedding ring to the Golden Globes because ‘it didn’t go with the dress.’
    hmm. ok. I did not realize a wedding ring was just an aaccessory a person could take off whenever they felt like it! Is this what marriage is all about nowadays… I thought the band/ wedding ring was to symbolize a union/ bond btwn to people…

    Or maybe I am just being naive! hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

    Oh and the “divorce is not and was never an option” comment I hope that was regarding her CURRENT marriage and not marriage in general b/c isn’t this her THIRD marriage???…

  • http://bossip MzLee

    wow people make a big deal out of nothing sometimes i dont wear my ring depending on what i have on or the fact that i love fashion & cocktail rings and most of my rings look goof on my left hand so freakn what its not about the ring but the man!

  • Yvonne

    You know when celebs come out saying crazy sh#t like this….the marriage is done.

    And since when is divorce not an option with her. Maybe she should explain that statement to her first two husbands.

  • Lady J

    I don’t believe a word that comes out of that girl’s mouth… she said the same thing about Puff and Ben when there were rumors of break-up… Off the subject; I think she’s got some surgery to her face… she has that “Cat” look.

  • Ms_NYC

    @ Lady J
    I was thinking the same thing. In the last couple of pics, something looks off

  • HoneyBrown

    Diamonds, especially BIG diamonds, go with everything boo ….. your story is a little shaky Lo-Lo.

  • Canitha S. (hit me up on Myspace.com Memphis, TN)

    Okay, it was said on ET that she said she didn’t wear her wedding ring because it didn’t match her gown? Come on now!!! She’s worn tacky stuff before that didnt match duh! Thats a cop out!! I promise, she can’t keep a man to save her life!!! I read her biography (bought it at the Dollar General for $1.00, don’t laugh at me y’all) and in the book it said that Diddy was in love with her and asked her to marry him. She said NO!! It would mess up her career. Thats why Diddy hasnt married yet himself because by her saying no he’s afraid of rejection.I think Diddy was the best man for her. He knew how to tame her and now she’s running back to him? Karma’s a biotch aint it? I think her and Diddy would be good together.


    Yup. She lyin.’

  • Flawdagurl

    She only needed Marc Anthony to calm down her bad ass reputation. J-lo was known for dumpig mofos as soon as she got all the publicity she needed. Marc gave her them twins and a quiet relationship and now she needs the spotlight again.

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