Drugs Are Bad M’Kay? 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Popping Mollies

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We Break Down The Real On Mollies

Trinidad Jame$ and other rappers are out here making Mollies the coolest new drug on the scene. But there was a time when the cool kids just smoked weed for fun. Now they’re popping these pills which are way more than they’ve bargained for.

So without further ado, we’re going to educate you on the ups and downs of MDMA aka Molly.


1. You Don’t Know What You’re Taking – Mollies are mixed drugs so each batch is different. Kinda dangerous, no?


2. Side Effects – MDMA can cause muscle cramping, nausea, blurred vision, increased heart rate and blood pressure—and in rare cases, hyperthermia and even death.

Fantasia Sweaty

3. Why Do You Sweat? (Whoo) – MDMA makes you incredibly hyper, so you’ll jump around like a crazy person sweating until it’s out of your system.

Drake stops by the All-Star Grand Finale at The Drake hosted by Hennessy

4. It’s a Depressant – Those who pop mollies often feel depressed for days afterwards and constant use will cause long-term depression.


5. It Messes With Your Heart – Popping Mollies affects your heart rhythm (another reason you sweat).

Chris Brown starts a new business selling dogs

6. It’s Been Tested On Animals – The test showed that giving MDMA to animals for four days produced brain damage that could be seen almost a decade later.

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    7. Even Trinidad Jame$ Chilled On Them – He recently said he only takes Mollies on rare occasions…far fewer than he raps about.

    Innocent woman has her head split open by a flying bottle during Drake and Chris Brown's fight at the night club

    8. People Are Overusing Them – Emergency room visits increased by $123 percent from 2004-2009 in Ecstacy-related cases.

    shive shanghai

    9. The Main Ingredient Is…- Plant fertilizer from China, New Zealand or Australia.


    10. The Benefits – Okay, here goes: some scientists are encouraging the use of MDMA for post-traumatic stress and other severe cases to increase euphoria and overall positive outcomes. So we’ll see if MDMA is something that gets medicalized like marijuana.

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