SMH: New Research Finds Injured U.S. Soldiers Wait 600+ Days Before Receiving Aid From Veteran’s Affairs After Returning From Battle

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From the the front line to the back of the line….

Research Shows War Veterans Wait 600 Days For Aid From Government

A series of new research studies conducted on the government’s response to request for aid from injured war veterans shows that a large majority of the soldiers who risk their lives defending their country are given the serious run around when they return home and are in need of help.

via CNN

If you are a young vet who’s filed a claim with the Department of Veterans Affairs in New York or Los Angeles, you will wait an average of 600 days. And you’re not alone.

More than 900,000 veterans of all generations are stuck in a bureaucratic logjam that, in 2013, is the almost too absurd to believe.

After 10 years of war, three VA secretaries, and an increase in the overall department budget of 40% since 2009, an incredible 97% of veteran’s claims are still on paper.

The VA has reported that the average claim wait time was 273 days. For the first claim filed, it’s longer: 316 to 327 days. In Los Angeles, that figure is 619. In New York, it’s 642. In Indianapolis, it’s 612 days. And vets with first-time claims in Reno, Nevada, wait 681 days.

It’s pretty messed up that so many of our soldiers have a hard time making a living, supporting their families and even getting the necessary help to treat their battle  injuries from the government of the very country they spend so much time defending. We definitely need to find a way to fix this.


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