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The evil hate group that operates under the guise of a church known as Westboro Baptist has a new neighbor intent on spreading a much different message.

Via NY Daily News:

The Westboro Baptist Church has a colorful new neighbor, and Roy G. Biv isn’t going anywhere soon.

Planting Peace, a Destin, Fla.-based nonprofit, has purchased a house directly across from the notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church, and today it is being painting with the rainbow pattern of the gay pride flag.

President and founder Aaron Jackson, 31, told the Daily News that this all started when he came across the picture of nine-year-old Josef Miles countering the Westboro Baptist Church’s picketing with a small sign written in pencil that simply said “Gods hates no one.” Jackson checked to see where the infamous fire and brimstone church was located. While messing around with Google Maps’ street view feature, he saw that the house across the street from the church’s Topeka, Kan. location was up for sale.

“The idea came right away: buy it and paint it the colors of the pride flag,” Jackson said.

Jackson called the realtor, only to find out that the house wasn’t for sale — but a neighboring one was.

After about six months of negotiations, Jackson’s nonprofit bought the house for approximately $83,000. Jackson said painting was supposed to take place in December, but it was too cold.

Everything went ahead as planned Tuesday morning, despite some flurries in Topeka. Jackson said that they hired a company to handle the painting.

“We didn’t want this to be a sideshow thing,” he said. “We knew this was going to be a big deal, so we needed it to look good. I’m not out to make upset neighbors.”

The home, which has been named the Equality House, will be used to house volunteers that will push Planting Peace’s anti-bullying initiative to combat the messages that being gay is wrong and makes you “less than,” Jackson said.

“We thought there was no better place to start than the Westboro Baptist Church. Obviously, they aren’t the most powerful group, but they are the poster child,” he added.

As for their neighbors, Steve Drain, a member of the Westboro Baptist Church, told the Daily News that they aren’t worried about the “goofy rainbow house.”

“I think it’s amazing. I thank God for that house,” he said, “because what it does is shine a brighter and brighter light on our message.”

He said that if the church was not preaching that “God hates f*gs” and “God hates f*g-enablers,” there wouldn’t be anything unique about painting a rainbow house across the street from them.

“This is just another instance where someone is declaring their sin as Sodom,” he said, referencing Isaiah 3:9, “but that doesn’t change God’s word.”

The Westboro Baptist Church, which was founded in 1955 by Fred Phelps, is infamous for its pickets and protests in which supporters hold signs declaring slogans like “Thank God for Dead Soldiers” and “God Hates America.” Its website’s url is

Planting Peace was started by Jackson and John Dieubon in 2004. The organization’s other initiatives include deworming projects, rainforest conservation and opening orphanages.

As much as we love this idea, did they just waste $83,000? Sounds like the hatin’ azz haters don’t get a fawk about the symbolism of having an Equality House in their hood.




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