Pound Puppies: Evil Drug Ring Stuffed Live Dogs To Smuggle Yayo, Then Killed Over 50 Pups After Slicing Them Open On Arrival!

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Somebody call PETA!

Via NY Daily News reports:

International drug traffickers have been busted using dogs as mules.

The heartless gangsters were force-feeding the innocent animals bags of blow — and then slicing open their stomachs to pull them out once they had arrived at their destination.

Around 75 people were detained across northern Italy and Rome for the scam, which saw 50 pups — including Great Danes, Labradors and Mastiffs — die.

News agency ANSA reports the suspects — who face charges of criminal association, drug trafficking and illegal weapon possession — had links to South American drug cartels.

The dogs were stuffed with the plastic packets that each contained 2.8 pounds of the drug.

It’s not the first time dogs have been used to get around customs officials.

In 1994 an English sheepdog was found trying to enter New York’s Kennedy Airport, having been flown from Colombia with 10 condoms packed with the drug inside its stomach.

Agents thought he looked sick, and ordered an X-ray, when they made the discovery.

This story is so sad and disgusting. What kind of heartless person, nevermind. It’s no secret that these kind of criminals have no real regard for human life, so why would they care about an innocent animal?

SMH! We hope the police throw the book at them.

Italian State Police

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