What’s Beef? Take A Look Back At Some Of The Most Epic Celebrity Feuds That Will Never Be Forgotten (Part 1)

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Even rich people can hate each other…

Biggest Celeb Beefs Of All Time

Although Hollyweird seems to live by a different set of standards and practices than the rest of the world, us regular folks do have one thing in common with the rich and famous…there is someone at our job, or in our line of work that we just can’t stand! Over the years there have been a plethora of high-profile rivalries that have often become bigger stories than the people involved in them.

We’ve compiled a short list of some of the wildest and most memorable celeb beefs in recent years.


Rihanna vs. Karrueche

During the almost year-long love triangle between Chris Brown, then-girlfriend Karrueche, and ex-turned-current girlfriend Rihanna, there were a GANG of sub-tweets Instagram shots, and general cattiness between the two ladies competing for the love of Breezy. Ultimately, the Bajan pop princess won her prize and the cute little aspiring whatever-it-is-she-does went back to doing, well, whatever the it is that she does.

We doubt there will ever be any peace between these two.


Shaq vs. Kobe

Insults, accusations, the breaking of man-laws, even an unforgettable freestyle “Kobe, tell me how my *** taste?” all helped make the Shaquille O’Neal-Kobe Bryant feud not only one of the biggest in sports history, but in celeb history as well. After a series of on-court issues that began back in 1996, the Big Diesel made peace with The Black Mamba in a 2009 interview where he claimed he always loved Kobe and that rumors of friction were all “marketing”. Yeah, ok…



Chris Brown vs Drake

Chris actually had 2 seperate love triangles with the love of his life, Rihanna, and Jewish-Canadian Rap & B hearthrob Drizzy Drake. Breezy’s beef with Aubrey Graham came to a head last year with a bottle-tossing brawl inside a NY nightclub that left Mr. “Beautiful People” with an ugly gash on his chin. Despite Chris ultimately winning the “war” for Rihanna, the angriest black man in the world recently let it be known that he STILL has no love for the YMCMB MC during a performance at an L.A. club.


50 vs Ja Rule

50 Cent ended Ja Rule’s career with a combination of battle raps, public humiliation, and over 10 million sales of his debut album Get Rich, Or Die Trying. The certified diamond record included the diss track “Back Down” that was so hilariously disrespectful that there was no longer a country for the rapper-turnt-singer from Queens. Despite Ja hooking up with 50’s enemies Fat Joe and Jadakiss in his response diss “New York” it was too little too late. The people had already casts their votes.


Naomi vs Tyra

There has never been any REAL reason why these ladies couldn’t get along, but the rumor has always been that Naomi was jealous of Tyra’s quick rise to the top (which we can certainly believe). Just last month it was reported that Tyra took exception with Naomi’s new show The Face, which she allegedly quipped was a “rip-off” of her hit reality show America’s Next Top Model.

Hug it out ladies, there is plenty of cat-walk and lingerie for both of you.


Biggie vs. Pac

Although the two murders were never linked, the war on wax between Notorious B.I.G. and Tupac Shakur ended with both of them in the ground and no arrests or suspects in either death. The news reporters were like vultures who couldn’t wait to tell the story of the dead “gangsta rappers”, would have been nice if they were as excited to help Voletta Wallace and Afeni Shakur help find out who killed their sons. But we digress…

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    Keri Beyonce

    Keri Hilson vs. Beyonce Stans

    Miss Keri Baby learned the hard way that the wrath of the Beyhive is nothin’ to fawk with. Earlier this month Keri hit “Send” on a couple of sub-tweets that put the Stans on high alert and when they determined (in their own warped minds) that Keri’s shadiness was covering their Lord and Savoir Beysus Christ, they stung the Georgia Peach with everything they had.

    Bow Down bish…


    Gabriel Aubry vs. Olivier Martinez

    Chris Brown isn’t the only one with love triangle troubles in Hollyweird. On Thanksgiving day, the tension between Halle’s baby daddy “Catch Fade” Gabe Aubry and new-boo Olivier Martinez boiled over into a massive fist fight that left both men injured, but it was apparent that Gabe caught the worst of it. It’s still amazing to us that after all the men that have left Halle high and dry, there are still men that are willing to come to blows over her crazy a$$.

    foxy kim

    Foxy Brown vs. Lil Kim

    Way before Kimberly Jones’ beef with Onika Maraj, she had a knock-down-drag-out with Brooklyn’s brown-skinned belle Foxy Brown. Hard to say who came out on top of this particular cat-fight, but one thing’s for sure, we will never forget the line “I’ma leader, y’all on some followin’ s**t, come up in the game on some modelin’ s***…”

    Who do you think won?

    Michael Caulfield

    50 Cent vs Kanye West

    50 Cent and Kanye West’s “beef” was more brains than braun. As Curtis’ 3rd studio Curtis album struggled to gain momentum he engaged in a marketing fade with Kanye West claiming if the college dropout’s album “Graduation” outsold his, he would retire from music. Ha, nice try. Kanye smashed the bullet-hole-ridden rapper’s sales with 957,000 sold to 50’s 691,000 units, but somehow, Fiddy is still runnin’ around with raps and albums that no one cares about.

    Anna and Kim k

    Kim vs Anna Wintour

    This might not be the biggest beef in the world, but we still think it’s hilarious that this lady dislikes ol’ Kimmy Cakes so much. According to reports, the Vogue boss lady refuses to acknowledge or speak to Kim and baby daddy Kanye West has been trying his damndest to find a way to reconcile the sour relationship.

    No church in the wild, no Kardashian in Vogue.

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