D-List Love: Evan Ross and Aubrey O’Day

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Little Diana Ross, Evan Ross, and Danity Kane’s Aubrey O’Day were spotted together all weekend in NYC. Aubrey hosted a Halloween party last night and made a solo performance at Plumm on Saturday. We don’t know whether they were sharing make-up tips or really messin’ around.

Aubrey may think little Diana is going to help her “acting” career. Dumb broad, her parents didn’t teach her anything about high expectations. As for little Diana, Aubrey’s mouth is probably still tasting like Diddy.

He just may like that.

Poor thang.

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  • sexiichar


  • sexiichar

    I don’t give a rat’s ass about this post…just wanted to say first 🙂

  • davis

    They look very close, actually they make a hot couple.

  • http://www.gravatar.com Mzgapeach

    A hot spicy ass mess…..NEXT

  • Ho go find some white penis

    Does this ho have any shame? Every time I see her she is up in some brothas face,,, not to mention she dresses worse than Alicia Keys. & her face is a big WTF

  • http://miss215.blogspot.com Devin

    yuck @ aubrey and little ross..i think i just threw up in my mouth

  • Happy 2 B Nappy

    I always thought that he had a lil Tang in his tank. Well, more power to them. Where was she at looking like a damn fool? Was this a costume party?

  • it's me

    LMAO @ “Aubrey’s mouth is probably still tasting like Diddy.”

    Aubrey is probably thinking she can be Evan’s “jump off” so she can jump off into some of that Diana Ross money.

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque

    they are a hot couple!!!


  • Setting the Record Straight

    Aubrey and Kim K, be PILLING on the makeup!! good grief!!

    I shudder to imagine their makeup box, blouses (taking them off and all that foundation rubs on it), and bathroom sink!!

  • amazonia

    Is she using meth. Cause her face looks like it’s melting. Yuk. Really creepy.

    And he looks like a girl and really really gay.

  • http://freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com freshfromthestreetz.blogspot.com

    Evan Ross strikes me as a straight up HOMO forreal especially that picture with he and Larry Johnson.

  • crax

    I bet his mom is not to happy since she’s white. It doesn’t matter that his mom had babies by a white man and he is 1/2 white himself. I’ve seen it all to often. My aunt has bi-racial boys and got mad at them for dating white girls. She even told me to stay away from the white girls next door when I was a little boy just having fun with them. She got upset when she saw us kissing. Oh but it was ok if I called Sharrita my girlfriend. This didn’t sink in until I got older and realize wtf she was doing. hypocrisy!!!

  • lainy

    She can’t be serious!!! He doesn’t even look like he likes girls. Didin’t she have a boyfriend anyway?

  • lainy

    @crax, Your can’t be serious Diana would not mind, as long as it’s not white trash anyway. something in the Tiger woods cenario might work

  • sexiichar

    Evan Ross is lookin mighty raggedy to be a ‘celebrity’.

  • Free

    That boy has serious pockets so he will attract lots of flies. He’ll probably marry a nanny like Tiger Woods.

  • Mahogany

    This screams random publicity stunt to me………………………….but alas, it could be “love”. It’s hollyweird after all.


  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    Y’all stop. It’s not his fault. He looks like a woman in the face. It’s the eyes. He has delicate features, too.


  • Angel..V,(^.^)

    Take your BILLIONS and RUNNNNNN Evan! LMAO

  • nahnah

    Ummm, the boy is gay. The truth will come out – as it’s only a matter of time!

  • kimmie

    His mother really needs to take him shopping; hate to say it….cuz I love me some Diana. Word.



  • shootalltheuglymen

    not in oakland, lol

  • the soul controller

    she’s about as bright as that victoria secret model dating nick cannon thinking that would do anything for her besides getting in free at the teen choice awards.

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