Pole Popper Files Multi-Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Stadium Night Club After Manager Forced Her To Have Sex To Keep Job

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Hoes be losing…

Dancer Sues Club For Sexual Harassment

Via WJLA reports:

An exotic dancer on Wednesday filed a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the Stadium Club strip club in D.C., claiming that she was coerced into having sex with a manager.

The stripper, Talayna Clements, filed the lawsuit in U.S. District Court in D.C. She accuses the club of sexual discrimination and creating a hostile work environment, among other charges.

“I really felt abused, used, humiliated, afraid,” she said Wednesday during a news conference.

According to her attorney, Clements was pressured by the club’s general manager to have sex with him.
In July, after a party with unnamed NFL players, the general manager asked Clements to have a drink with him and to perform a dance, the attorneys state. While she was dancing for the general manager, he pulled down his pants and had sex with her, the lawsuit alleges.

“The Plaintiff was scared and intimidated. She did not know what to do. So she unwillingly had sex with him for fear of losing her job and her livelihood,” the lawyers claims. “Plaintiff felt humiliated. Plaintiff felt ashamed. She also felt dirty, so she left the Stadium.”

The incidents started when the 28-year-old dancer says she was fired a year ago after undergoing a half-body tattoo of a pistol, a grenade, a switchblade and a machine gun that spelled love.

She was told the tattoo wasn’t in keeping with the club’s standards.

So she appealed and says the general manager replied.

“He asked what was I going to do for the job? To get the job back…I said nothing,” she says.

That allegedly led to the July incident, where the general manager allegedly threatened to fire her if she didn’t have sex with him.

She claims her human rights were violated and that she wasn’t paid but instead had to pay the club.

“We had a tip in fee with ranged for a minimum of $33 to $450,” she says. “I’ve paid over $580 to work on weekends.”

ABC7 tried several times to reach club management about the allegations. But no one is talking.

It seems like people think just because a girl is a skripper or works in the Adult Entertainment industry then she is a ho or has loose morals, too bad this girl probably won’t get a fair deal because of it.

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