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The folks over at Google got some ‘splaining to do! If you remember the story of seven people being shot at a video release party in Chicago you may be appalled to learn that Google news picked up a racist account of Wednesday night’s events that once appeared second in a Google news search.

Via HipHopAndPolitics:

So last night 7 people got shot during an album release in Chicago for Lil Mouse and King Samson. It’s heartbreaking to see the continued carnage in the windy city with seemingly no end in sight.. It’s also heartbreaking to hear these stories on national news ala CNN.. You go to Google to look up the story and here’s whats listed as the number 2 story for all to see..

Now before we get into a free speech argument, this issue here is not that.. It’s how Google goes about listing stories in its vaunted news feeds. There are lots of folks who covered this story.. Why was this number 2? Why is it that we have some sites that put out consistent stories of note that can never get listed.. Case in point the Black Agenda Report who deliver compelling articles on issues with the intent of holding the President accountable.. Their stories don’t get listed and they been around more than 10 years.. Maybe there’s a simple explanation or maybe the most vile and most racist among us have a tight SEO game.. who knows.. Middle finger to google for making that their number 2 story..

Very good points… It appears that this story no longer appears as a top result in the Google news search query, but clearly something should be done to prevent it from happening again.

SMH @ Google.



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