Ciara Parties in Atl, Gets Extravagant Gift from Missy in NYC

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Ciara continues her 22nd birthday celebration tour at the Velvet Room in Atlanta. Her parents were there (and no her mom is not Wanda Sykes) so that shows just how much fun that party was.

Her party in New York City, which was on Thursday was probably a better time with “friend” Missy Elliot keeping the shot glasses full and chicken wings on hand. She also presented Ciara with a huge diamond necklace as a birthday gift. Damn, she must be a good ass “friend” with 50 Cent giving out good gifts and now Missy.

Ciara in Atlanta:

More images from that event:


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  • Ms 305

    One question. Why Neyo I try to overlook some things but that pose is out of control.

  • bonnie

    this is the best i have seen ciara look in a long time but i guess she trying her turn of red lipstick and blonde hair

  • Bahama Mama

    LMAO @ wanda sykes joke, damn i wish 50 and Missy were my friends, A-YO I needs a car man,preferably a lambo!!

  • Setting the Record Straight

    Ne-yo! stay the HELL away from Ciara…she dont want your nasty homo disease!! lmao

    Ciara’s parents look absolutely divine!! they so proud of baby girl

    diamond (neva heard) looks a got mess

    Buckeey has a flat yet large azz.

    Bobby Valentino can STILL get it, see that fellas? how nice his skin is? copy that!

  • Mactanque

    she alwais looks hot..!

  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    Damn i guess these reality show hoes are blowing up…. WHERE IS THE REAL TALENT! HAPPY BITHRDAY CICI

  • I Stay SMH

    Buckeey’s see through dresss and thong?

  • Licia

    Congrat Ci Ci…Aye Missy—Fiddy…What’s up? Need more friends? Okay…Buckey, Wow where do I start?! I know that we should be proud of our round butts. I am all for that…Shout outs to designers for giving me extra room in my pants. But do you really want to take the majority of your pictures with your a$$ first? SMDH!

  • helltothanaw

    Buckeey is lookin’ like New York from the side with the jet black weave.

    Ne-Yo looks “how you doin’?”..

    Who the hell is Diamond?

  • Bee!

    She looks pretty. Her parents look young(ish).

  • Marquella

    I am disappointed with Buckeey turning her self around to show off her ass. That picture belongs in the “When the checks stop coming” section.

    Desperate, low-self-esteem having heifer.

  • Bahama Mama

    just to let yall kno Diamond is one of the girls from Crime Mob a rap group from ATL…The got a song rock your hips, they ain’t that big outside the south

  • Mahogany

    It’s said she’s off and on w/ Lil Scrappy and Scrap’s baby mama keeps coming into the picture.

    Just some more random useless info for ya courtesy of “rhymesw/snitch”.com

  • Mahogany


  • Harold

    Ciara is so pretty, this woman really takes good care of herself.

  • lexdiamonz

    why does buck”he” always got to show his ass MEMO we’ve seen it already damn she shole is ugly diamond no more like tanzinite and neyo hell no that boy face is a walking billboard “place ad here”

  • J

    I’m sorry, but Ciara’s momma’s dress is not cute. Ciara looks good though. That picture of Diamond is probably one of the best that I’ve ever seen of her. She’s a straight up hoodrat, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at that picture.

  • usherwifey


  • greenivy

    I take it that “how you doin'” means possibly gay, but can someone tell me where this is from… it’s funny as hell.

  • Prophetess Bennetta

    See I’m goin need you to stop with the mama jokes Wanda not her mama …. she looks just like her lol!!!

  • Prophetess Bennetta

    How you doin is when Eddie Murphy keep sayin it in Norbit. Although he was suppose to be a woman … it was still kinda gay … was it not? How you doin. Get it …. LMHO.

  • Prophetess Bennetta

    Oh and another thing Buckeey (Shay) must live near me (Atlanta/Lithia Springs area) She’s always in the Walmart. She comes in the Walmart looking just like this picture. My 16 year old daughter looks right at her and shakes her head (SMH), it’s sad. She really a pretty girl too. I mean she just be doing way too much!! I mean at Walmart PLEASE. I hate to see her at the club.

  • greenivy


    oh ok thanks. No wonder I did not get it.. I did not see Norbit.

    That’s a trip about Buckeye

  • 6 Figgas

    That Ne-Yo kid MUST be packin’ some serious head cheese under all them hats he be hidin’ under. Damn. Knucka’s head must be straight busted.

  • Puff Daddy is so fine!

    Yeah you want the fellas to copy the skin on Bobby V, well he will let them copy more than that LOL!

    Yeah Bobby V and Luda used to date, they still off and on. Yep its the truth. Imma always let yall know what time it is..(females on here gasping for their breath LOL!)

    Yep read it and weep………………

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