It’s Not Just Nicki: 8 Female Rappers You Should Be Listening To Right Now

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10 Female Rappers Not Named Nicki Minaj

For most of you, female Hip-Hop begins and ends with Nicki Minaj. But that’s just not the case. There are more rappers out there just as good or better than Nicki on her best day.

So broaden your horizons. Here are 10 female MCs you should also be listening to.


Iggy Azalea – If you get through the sloring you’ll see she’s actually a passable MC in her own right.


3D Na’Tee – She’s probably the best female MC in the game right now and one of the best underground rappers in any gender. Keep an eye out for her.


Jean Grae – She’s an OG in the game, but she’s still kicking with some of the best music around. You have to respect her.

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Lola Munroe – She’s got the same swag as Nicki but she may be a step above lyrically. For real.


Rapsody –
She’s one of the best underground rappers who’s also recorded with Kendrick Lamar. Beware, her music is brain food so be ready.


Invincible – She’s one of the hardest MCs out of Detroit. She’ll rip your head off in a battle if she has to, too.

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    Gangsta Boo

    Gangsta Boo – She’s an OG but she’s been making some dope music as of late. Stay up on her.


    Azealia Banks – She’s not bad when she’s not sloring. Unfortunately she’s always sloring.

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