Rumor Control: Regina King Claims That Reports Of Break-Up With Malcolm Jamal-Warner And Moving Out Of Their House Is A Damn Lie!

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Regina Malcolm

They say there is 3 sides to every story: his, hers, and the truth. Which one is this?

Regina King Tweets That Rumors About Break Up With Malcolm Jamal Warner Are False

Yesterday it was reported that Regina King was “disappointed and heart-broken” over an alleged break-up with Cosby Show star Malcolm Jamal-Warner. The report even stated that Malcolm had asked the actress to move her and her son out of their shared Hollyweird home.

Just a hour ago, Regina took to Twitter to pour water on the raging rumor mill fire.

Regina King tweet

Now while we have confidence that Regina wouldn’t just straight up lie to her Twitter followers, her message is somewhat vague. What exactly does “Me and Malcolm are good” mean? Does that mean there was no break-up? That she and her son didn’t move out of the house?? We’re going to need something a little more specific before we accept that these two are still sharing sweet black love.

No word (or tweets) from Malcolm just yet, until then we’ll just have take her word for it, right?

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