Nothing Lasts Forever: Top 10 Celebs Who Lost ALL Their Cool Points

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Some of our favorite celebs will be cool forever like Prince, Samuel L. Jackson and Betty White. And others, like those on this list, will eventually lose ALL their cool points, biggest fans and spiral into irrelevancy. Either way, A-List fame never lasts forever in our ADD society.

Here are the ten celebs who lost ALL their cool points. Take a look.


Kanye West

Before the glittery snow creature costumes and meltdowns, Yeezy was the musically-brilliant cornball who dreamed of sitting at the Roc-A-Fella cool table. At the time, we rooted for him. But in 2013 he’s everything he swore he would never be during the humble “College Dropout” years.



A$AP Bey lost the few cool points she had with her “hoodrat fight in the Rainbow parking lot”-anthem “Bow Down.” Be honest, she’s never really been “cool” because of her robotic persona and only looked desperate attempting to be.



The heartbroken OG went from game-changing rapper (“Cop Killer”), to iconic TV villain (“New York Undercover”) to swirl-betrayed sucka sending tear-scented tweets about his filthy wife’s slore tour across America. SMH.


Michael Jordan

’Ole dingy eyes Jordan was the biggest superstar athlete on Earth—Basketball Jesus—before shriveling into an ornery scrooge with the greatest drug over-priced footwear operation in America.

2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Show

Alicia Keys

The heartless audio terrorist was the adorable “let’s be honest” next door who intrigued music lovers with her breakthrough single “Fallin.” In 2001, she was a bona fide R&B/Soul superstar before A) her homewrecker gene was activated and B) she declared war against humanity with “Girl On Fire.”

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

The disgraced Golf legend was always a “cornball brother” but cool enough to represent Black America on the golf course. Pre-creepy voicemail Tiger had swag and actually won Majors. Post-Divorce Tiger? Lame.

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    Famous for his Tribe Called Quest ties, ghostwritten bars and mentoring of young Kanye, Cons lost a cool point for every tooth shiny piano key in his mouth. Once highly-respected, he
    slowly morphed into an angry beaver-toothed bozo on the career-ending soap opera “Love & Hip-Hop: NY.”


    Keyshia Cole

    In ’05, all hoodrat eyes were on Keyshia Cole and her two-toned curly mullet. She was the voice of bullet-wounded, paw print-tatted, dope boy-scorned rahrah’s everywhere. THEN she fell off. And now she just tweets to keep from crying.


    Nicki Minaj

    There was a time (3.5 Lil Kim faces ago) when the deeply-annoying Pop star was actually tolerable. No, seriously, she was during the “Itty Bitty Piggy”-era before the Muppet Baby voices, cake soap and sips from Weezy’s Styrofoam cup.


    LL Cool J

    The 45-year-old married father of four is one of the coolest dads you’ll probably ever meet but, overall, he’s just not “cool” like he was in 1990. At some point, every legend has to sit their a$$ down somewhere and it’s time.

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