People Ain’t Isht: Ex-Patriots Baller Ted Johnson Calls Former Teammate Vince Wilfork’s Wife “The Ugliest Spouse On The Team”

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Vince Biana Ted

Ya know ya done fawked up right, Ted?

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Ex-New England Patriots Player Ted Johnson Calls Vince Wilfork’s Wife The Ugliest Spouse On Team

Vince Wilfork: a 375-pound (on a good day) monster of a defensive tackle with the New England Patriots. He’s well on his way to being a Hall of Famer. He’s a freakishly quick, scary an individual. His wife can be seen in this GIF from last season high-fiving a friend and MFing nobody in particular in a celebratory manner. She’s reacting to this bone-rattling hit Wilfork put on Donald Jones of the Buffalo Bills.

It would not be wise to make a comment about her appearance.

Ted Johnson, a former Patriots linebacker (won three Super Bowls, played at the University of Colorado), is now hosting a radio show in Houston. He was asked who the ugliest spouse was on the Patriots during his time there.

Now at this point ol’ Ted had a decision to make. Answer the question outright and say what he really feels, or spare an ex-teammate some embarrassment and possibly save himself a fade.

Ted chose the former.

“He won’t hear this – Vince Wilfork,” said Johnson.

Welp Ted, Vince DEFINITELY heard that, and you might want to consider purchasing a pistol.

Wilfork tweet

Ted wants NO PARTS of Vince Wilfork.

Hit the flip to watch a bully turn into a beyotch.

Image via Facebook/AP

Ted tweet 1

Ted tweet 2

Ted tweet 3

Ted tweet 4

Vince wasn’t about to let Ted’s punka$$ Twitter apology be the end of the matter. He took to Instagram to keep Ted’s remorse travelling smoothing along on a guilt trip.


Take that, take that, take that…

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