Really???? New Mexican Theives Steal Wheels And Tires Off Of Crashed SUV While Dying Driver Was Trapped Underneath!

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Morals and values are at an all time low nowadays…

Thieves Steal Wheels And Tires Off Of Dead Driver’s SUV

Via Carlsbad Current-Argus

When Carlsbad police heard of a fatal car crash Wednesday morning, they weren’t expecting what they saw when they arrived on the scene. Parts of the victim’s car were missing – an indication that someone had not only found the man hours earlier, but had also stolen from him in what were perhaps his last moments.

Steven Roy Reese, 26, of Carlsbad, was reportedly traveling southbound on the dirt road adjacent to the irrigation canal between Lea Street and Boyd Drive when he lost control of his vehicle, according to a press release from the Carlsbad Police Department. Officers believe Reese overcorrected to regain control, causing his 1996 Ford Explorer to flip two times and land on top of him. Reese was dead when police arrived on the scene, and a report from the Office of the Medical Investigator revealed Reese had been dead for approximately 8-12 hours before police found him, the press release said. Some time during the night, an unknown person reportedly removed Goodyear Wrangler tires, two Ford factory aluminum wheels and the battery from Reese’s 1996 Ford Explorer. This behavior is certainly unusual, Carlsbad police Lt. Jennifer Moyers said, and extremely insensitive.

The area in which the accident happened, about half a mile south of Lea Street, is not well traveled, so it’s not unusual that the police weren’t called immediately after the crash took place, Moyers said.

“But typically when we have something like this happen, people call in right away. It’s terrible,” she said of the thief who she believes may have found the car lying on its side during the night.

Moyers said the person who stole the parts from Reese’s car could definitely face criminal charges. “There could be a couple of charges – theft and failure to give notice of the accident,” she said.

If the person tries to sell the stolen items, that would be an additional offense as well, Moyers said.

The Carlsbad Police Department currently has no leads on suspects, and Moyers said they’re depending on people in the community to report. “We don’t have any idea. It probably was some time in the middle of the night. We could really use some help from the public if there is anybody with information,” Moyers said.

Hope karma busts a U-turn and comes back quick for these dirty muhfuggas.

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