Unapologetic? Rih-Rih Leaves Chicago High Schoolers Waiting For More Than 4 HOURS At Charity Event!

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C’mon now Robyn WTF?!

Rihanna Left Chicago High School Students Waiting Over 4 Hours For Appearance

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Rihanna, clearly, does not make excuses.

The Barbadian superstar barely acknowledged her tardiness when took the stage at Barrington High School moments ago – despite being more than four hours and 30 minutes late for her much-anticipated visit. Her fans, nearly despondent minutes earlier, greeted her with wild applause and Beatlemania-type screaming.

“Thank you guys for coming and waiting,” the Barbadian signer said, before paying tribute to the school’s charitable works.

Oh beyotch please! Damn near 5 hours late??? You better come up with something better than THAT bullisht!

Sixteen minutes and roughly a dozen smiling pictures later, RiRi was gone and her late arrival forgotten by a starstruck crowd.

It was hard to believe that only minutes earlier she was the cause of quite possibly the most angst-ridden moment in Barrington High School history.

The overwhelmingly female crowd had been patient in waiting for hours for her arrival after the school won a visit from the star. Teens have been chatting on their phones, grabbing snacks and braiding each other’s hair. Many have been at the school since the doors opened at noon.

Rihanna was originally supposed to start her visit at 1 p.m.; on Thursday evening, the school announced that had been pushed back to 2 p.m. As of 5 p.m., she still wasn’t at the school.

“It’s one thing to be fashionably late. This is just rude. Our lives don’t revolve around a pop star,” said junior Patricia Halle, who nicknamed the afternoon “the survive Rihanna event.”

“Our school worked hard to win this. She should be more respectful,” Halle said.

One seventh-grader in particular was not shy about her irritation with Chris’ breezy.

Jaki Mora said: “Rihanna is pathetic. She shouldn’t be making us wait for her.”

Right on sista!

Rihanna posted this pic to her Instagram page at 4:22pm. To that we say ph**k yo’ traffic! You’re already 2 1/2 hours late!

Rih IG

Apparently Rih-Rih brought more tickets to give out for her Chicago show that evening to make up for her egregious tardiness.

Way to be an example for the kids Rih, make a mistake, bribe folks to forgive you.

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