For Discussion: BeyBey Asks Women To ‘Bow Down,’ Is She Suffering From A Mid-Life/Career Identity Crisis?

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Is BeyBey losing her identity??

Is Beyonce Having A Career Identity Crisis

Via The Grio reports:

I’m writing about Beyoncé today because I can’t avoid her. Earlier this week, she released a new song on the Internet, “Bow Down/I Been On,” and since then, every major site I frequent, from trashy blogs to high brow news, is talking about her and her new song. Is it disrespectful to fans? Just fun? Hypocritical? The jury is still out.

Rush Limbaugh, single-handedly the last person I expected to weigh in on these matters, interpreted the song, in which Beyoncé instructs “b***hes” to “bow down,” to mean Beyoncé has turned in her feminist card. “(Her older) songs were attempts to inspire young women not to take any grief from men,” Limbaugh said. “She’s done a 180… Because she married a rich guy . . . she now understands it’s worth it to bow down.” Admittedly, the lyrics could have many interpretations. I am positive this is not one of them.

Singer Keyshia Cole also weighed in, not so unexpectedly as she’s been on a Twitter rampage lately. (She blasted former Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams after her DC reunion performance at the Super Bowl.) “First ‘Women need to stick together’ now [b***hes] better Bow. Smh,” Cole tweeted on Monday. “Can’t stand when people [are] all self-righteous when it’s convenient… but can still talk s–t when convenient [too].” Given Cole’s most recent salty behavior on social media, her opinion didn’t carry the weight it should have.

The thing is, Cole’s got a point. Beyoncé has built her entire career on feel-good sisterhood lyrics — from “Independent Women” to “Who Run This World” — set to infectious beats. Her songs became the unofficial soundtrack to Middle America’s Girl’s Night Out where women celebrated whatever the occasion is in “freek’um dresses,” patting their weaves and mimicking the dance routine from the “Single Ladies” video at the club. In interview after interview, Beyoncé has extolled the virtues of having female friends. She even hired an all-girl band to drive home her all-girl-power-everything message.

And this is why it seems so… jarring, really, for Beyoncé, after 15 years in the game, to start calling fellow women “b***hes” and demanding that they “bow down” like they are her lowly subjects.


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