UPS Drops off 30 Pounds of Buddha…to Wrong Address

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Looks like some more dirt bud just popped up in a Texas home unannounced:

UPS delivers, but not always to the right address, a Denton man discovered Monday when he found a lot of green inside a package dropped on his porch by the men in brown. The man took the package to Denton police later that night, police spokesman Officer Ryan Grelle said. It contained a 30-pound brick of compressed marijuana with a street value of $10,500.

A brick of 30# in decent dank should bring in more than double $10,000. (From what we hear, of course.)

And you thought that billion dollar bust in Arizona last month was the end of Mexican dirt weed…


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  • Lacombe Redbone (Up Early In Da Mornin', I Jump Shive!)


  • GoodKarma4me


  • Lacombe Redbone (Up Early In Da Mornin', I Jump Shive!)

    You know what…it was probably bunk cause ain’t nobody in their right mind gonna turn in some fiya reggie!

  • Lacombe Redbone (Up Early In Da Mornin', I Jump Shive!)

    I would’ve been high all year long….

  • Lacombe Redbone (Up Early In Da Mornin', I Jump Shive!)

    I would’ve shared with my pothead friends…

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Huckabee!!!! Damn you would be better off with a beer and a cigarette

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    I’d be too embarrased to whip that out

  • LetItBeAMansWorld_AsLongAsICanBeAWomanInIt

    LOL… this sound likes that new movie preview I seen the other day with Mike Epps and Mos Def… think it’s called overnight air. Anyway, same story. Thought it was a joke.

  • Lacombe Redbone (Up Early In Da Mornin', I Jump Shive!)

    That’s not a picture of the actual weed, boo. Bossip just googled that picture to give us an ideal of how it must’ve looked.

    …but yeah, that is some home-grown, dirty weed! That shit will give ya a migraine! lol

  • The Devil

    It wasn’t mine 🙂

  • ATXChick

    damn i would of took it to my nearest drug dealer and got 20 thousand for it…damn but that picture above looks like some boo boo weed for real

  • http://Bossip Nyce

    30 lbs sould get you 20k or so I’ve heard…


    I dont now what the hell that iz.

  • Z.I.T.B.


  • di-my-e

    that shit looks like some Home Depot topsoil! but i would still chief it. lol

  • di-my-e

    seeds and sticks all up and through…

  • JUJU

    I’m sorry i would of flipped that, they say blessings come in all form of shapes and sizes and that would of been mines! (Right At my Door?)Man…. I’m keeping that-LOL!)

  • Simply Esctasy

    That’s that headache weed… smoking that low grade ass shit will do more harm than good.

  • JUJU

    Remove all sticks and seeds and begin packing-LOL! I’ll have the local trap star coming to me to re-up!

  • http://myspace.com870bg bg

    Ole heads dont mind smoking shit like that…$30 ounce and smoke that bs all night

  • Lauren Dawkins Bleeds Green...Go Eagles!!!

    How about those new weed comercials where the kids are like, “I got all D’s! :)” or ” I stole from my sister! :)” or I made my mother cry!…


    LOL & SMH

  • Lauren Dawkins Bleeds Green...Go Eagles!!!


    I’m looking like, ain’t nobody in their right mind gonna smoke that BROWN!

  • Nigga Said

    @ JUJU : when you say blessing come in all shapes and sizes, and then I look at your gravator. i cant help “butt” to think that you are show casing the size and shape of your blessing.

  • High Life (Glockapella)

    That shit look like some bab

  • Larry Lunchmeat

    $350 a pound??????? Must was some FRONT YARD SKUNK aka TRASH

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