Louis Vuitton Don Night

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Kanye West and fiancée Alexis Phifer hit up the Louis Vuitton Gala Celebrating the Murakami Exhibition in LA. Yeah, we’re feelin their out of the box swag and they are definitely a fly couple, but we are not so much feelin the white shoes Ye’s boo is rockin. Not because they’re white and it’s after labor day (that rule is dated), but just because they are ugly.

More images…Skateboard P, Serena Williams looks good again, Kerry Washington shows off a little thigh:

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  • gorgeous chocolate pixie

    first… ok next any who.. ALEXIs’ is so hot she and I have the same swag.. Pharell looks so NICE he is truly a sweet guy.. Serena had definitely steped her game up and Kerri is the only girl crush that i have….

  • perfectprincess

    HaHa those shoes are horrible, infact the entire outfit is suspect. Im defflee not feeling this one.

  • http://www.IStayConfused.com I Stay SMH

    UH? no comment on the bracelet? look like she wearing my pencil holder.

    She’s an odd looking woman. not ugly — but odd

  • Setting the Record Straight

    Alexis, what the hell is on your feet? did you break BOTH ankles?

    strappy Manolos would have completed the look.

    Kanye may be an azz hole, but i think he looks absolutely adorable!!

    take a lesson fellas, THAT is style!! so drop that fooboo and brokeawear

  • UptownGirl

    Serena is killin’ it. You betta work gurl!!!

  • MissDee

    Everyone looks nice, but I’m mad at Kerry for standing like that…and Alex for those shoes! lol

  • Setting the Record Straight

    both my girls Serena and Kerry looking absoultely fabulous!!

    anyone hating on them, needs to go shave their legs!!

  • Bahama Mama

    Alexis and them damn shoes…yuck!!how r u a stylist but can’t dress ur self? Ye looks good with his chuck-e-chesse smile…Kerry should watch that pose tho’…And Mr. Williams can SO get it!!! Yessir

  • fallon

    Alexis probably has the worst style ever. Her outfit is perfectly horrible.

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque

    she looks so so..

  • We all fall down

    Alexis looks like a dude to me. She look more manly then Kayne. He should have stayed with Brooke she was a much pertty woman then this Alexis chick. An those shoe look like snow balls on her feet. She look a hot mess. the Brother that’s dress in drag on Kanye arms. He’s a down low brother cause Alexis is a dude.

  • Marquella

    I love Kanye.

    I love Alexis too!

    I’m buying another copy of his cd for my dude!

    Carry on.




  • J

    I agree with the lipstick. Alexis just looks too plain and she’s not consistent with her dressing. Kanye dresses better than she does.

  • Mahogany

    I bet Lexi lost a pound of sweat in those shoes.

    Kanye looks gay…………………………………………………………………as in happy.


  • Mahogany

    Oh and Serena is putting them all to shame.

  • It

    Kanye looks better in the face than his woman does and he is ugly.

  • ew

    alexis does too much, they are trying too hard t be fashionable, if you have style it comes to you, it’s natural. not meditation

  • cat4everrr

    who is doing the girls make up, and why on this earth would they put hot pink on her lips. i’m starting to think it’s a set up

  • Angel..V,(^.^)

    Serena looks great. This has to be the first time I’ve seen Kerry not banging.

  • shootalltheuglymen

    pharell lookin so nice

  • MrStyle

    Whats with the shoes? Did she break her foot?

  • Ms Fufu

    First off, skateboy P is lookin SY!!!

    Secondly, Jackie Long is doin Serena GUD!!! She’s mos def stepped up her game!!!

    Thirdly, Alexis needs 2 take those shoes OFFFFFFFFF!!! I thought sum1 wld hve told her NEVA 2 wear dem again after she sported dem at her Ghita fashion show!!! Kanye, if u read dis note…PLZ tell ur gurl 2 BURNNNNN those shoes!!! Plzzzzzzzz!!!

    and ohh..tell her lipstike shades like wat she’s wearin arent 4 Black ppl!!!

  • Notch

    Am i the only one that thinks she is not too cute inthe face..perhaps its that manly ass jawline she has..

    and what does she have on her feet??..it isnt that cold to have on winter boots

  • lovin it

    Are they going to set a date or are they just waiting for people to forget they are engagged? Its been well over a year. She better lock him down before she has a myspace rant about everyone talking about her ugly shoes.

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