White Gone Wild: The 10 Wildest White Celebrity Meltdowns

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10 White Celebrity Meltdowns

All celebrities have crazy meltdowns. But it just seems like White celebrities go big or go home. And by “home” we mean “rehab.”From Lindsay Lohan all the way to our new favorite, Amanda Bynes, White celebrities have had some glorious meltdowns.

So let’s take a look at these extraordinary falls from grace.


Eminem – He spent a couple of years barely able to remember his name, let alone raps on the stage at the BET awards. He damn near died but pulled it together long enough for a great comeback.


Lindsay Lohan – She went from child sensation to cracked out cracky. She could have been a contender.


Amanda Bynes – She’s falling apart. First Kid CuDi got to that tail then she wanted Drake to handle her goods. Then her family got worried. We would too.


Charlie Sheen – His “tiger blood” thing was the pinnacle of meltdown. And everyone got to watch.


Britney Spears – She went bald, lost her kids and went off the deep end for real. At least she came back, too.

Amy Winehouse

Amy Winehouse – Unfortunately, her meltdown ended in tragedy.

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    Chris “Birdman” Anderson – He had to go to rehab after a serious drug issue that the NBA hadn’t seen in years. At least he got himself together.


    Vanilla Ice – He was on a reality show where he tore up the set in a meltdown we all saw on national television. Priceless.

    bieber going cray

    Justin Bieber – He kicks it with Lil Chuckee and it’s all over for him.

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