Terry the Homophobic Witch

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Terry McMillan discusses details of her troubled marriage with gay ex-husband Jonathan Plummer in an upcoming article with the urban gay publication UNEQ Magazine. Here is a statement that she made to reveal why she’s “coming out” with the dirt now:

“I am not doing this to literally demonize Jonathan Plummer, but he is an evil person to have done the things he has taken pains to achieve. “But the public had no idea of this goal because the focus was on ‘Terry the Homophobic Witch’ and not his theft, betrayal or deception. What was it that he gave me that would make any man think that I should pay him spousal support? A grown, healthy, gay man who was all of 31 years old? I did not rent a husband.

He tried to paint me as Mommie Dearest and apparently some people bought it because he did to the gay community what he had been so successfully doing to me for years and that was to play the sympathy ‘I’m-the-victim’ card. And he is certainly a very high-profile victim who has taken every opportunity he could to take advantage of his so-called victimization. What is it he’s doing besides getting a tell-all book published to draw attention to himself with the hopes of making money and once again all by pimping my fame? What has he done? Nothing. The gay men and women who are still suffering in Jamaica have not benefited one iota because of him. Quite the contrary. He gives gay men a bad rep as far as I can see. But he thought everybody was going to love him unconditionally. And look at what a spectacle he is making of himself and a mockery of his sexuality, all for his own personal gain. He could care less about men still in the closet.”

Yeah that Jonathan Plummer is a trip he was even on Wendy Williams Friday promoting his book and talking more sh*t on Terry, even as low as talking about her hair, what a punk bitch. Watch out Star Jones, this looks like a situation that might possibly go down with Al in a few years.

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  • Setting the Record Straight

    speak the truth Terry, and who the hell called her a “homophobic witch”? that is so rude and unnecesary.

    it was that f.aggot that betrayed her!! he got all he got coming to him

    how embarrassing for her. all closet homosexuals that continue to sleep with women should ALL be burned in fire ALIVE!

  • http://www.mactanque.com Mactanque
  • Sandy

    the two of them may as well hook back up…




  • http://www.theblackactor.com/ Baby Please

    I was watching “Stella” over the weekend and was reminded how dumb Terry was. LMAO


  • Bahama Mama

    LMAO…I ain’t even got nutin to say.

    What up Daddy-o and Drock!!

  • ewizel

    Terry has been making money of of exploiting Black men for years. She swears she knows Black men better then they know themselves. She got what she deserved. Maybe she has finally waken up and she can find a guy that she feels as though she can’t control.

  • Royal Chocolate

    @Baby Please

    I agree. Poor thang, she was at a point in her life, like so many of us, where she was looking for something to take her to the next level. Jonathan showed up at the right time and took advantage of an opportunity. Terry should not be bitter but forgiving and move on. All of that bitterness will cloud her judgement and she may miss the next real man that comes along.

  • Coop

    It’s kind of wrong but women do it all the time.

  • shann1233

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  • fallon

    Terry is not a homophobic witch. There’s everything wrong with homosexuality.

  • It

    “Terry should not be bitter but forgiving and move on.”

    How can someone not be bitter when their significant other cheated on them and decided to turn gay!

  • CaramelTai

    He was already gay when he married her. I have a yardie friend that knows a sibling of his. Ol boy was tang proper LONG BEFORE Terry tried to get her groove back..TRUST.

    I heard him on a radio show, his voice is all soft and ish, you cant tell me he just turned into that overnight. Werent they married like 10 years? SMH.

  • Mahogany

    I agree w/ HarlemChic

    I guess me growing up the only girl w/ three brothers and seeing a vulnerable and psychotic, obsessive side of some women, I don’t have too much sympathy for a woman who can’t let go.

    Move the hell on. It is hard as hell but women are so strong.!!!

    I was on a site and it had a letter she wrote to the publishers of his book where she denounced them and the genre of Black literature w/ the provacative names and such. She went on a real tirade and I could feel the heat eminating from that screen.!!

    She said herself she was mad as hell.

    But, it is what it is when everything is said and done. She’ll make herself sick w/ grief and that disease called love will eat her up. Meanwhile, he’s chillin’!!!!!!!

  • darlen

    It’s not fair to say “how could she not know” because the devilish people can be so cunning and baffling…they have an agenda and they go for it!!All I have to say is hang in the Toni try not to be bitter and remember the old adage “what goes around–comes around”

  • ohplease

    She thought she was the player, but she got played. End of story. Terry needs to move on!

  • kia

    here this solves it. she was wrong for getting with him and making a vacation permanet. you dont take the cruise home honey. and next he was wrong for banging her back out like she was a man and making her into the bitter person she is now. simple move on and get over it. hes making an ass of himself with this book. and shes making one of herself for even acknowleging it.

  • RU$$

    @ Its6amHoGetOut

    could’nt have said it better.

  • kimmie

    Somebody post the interview wit crazy ass Wendy so I can giggle too.

  • WTFever

    Here’s my queston,how does Taye Diggs feel about having played Mr.How U Doin in that movie? LMAO


    Terry there are a lot of us who still support you and know what “really” went down. Keep doing what you do. You were successful before him….and you are successful after him. He will be exposed for the “Leach” that he is.

  • terry'sback

    how is terry bitter , she just does not want to pay that man any money . she feels she has a raw deal .. Its about the money and nothing else

  • cireewol

    My biggest problem with people like her (rich celebrities & Athletes) is that they believe they “own” their love-interests! So, when the person rebels or decides he or she wants to move on, our friendly neighborhood rich person wants to RETURN the love-interest back to the meager beginnings – projects, ghettos, and whatever country he or she was picked up from.

    In reviewing some of the televised parts of the lawsuit, Terry did everything under the sun to protect her assetts – seperate accounts, giving bro an allowance, not allowing him access to any Financials!

    Terry, girl, that’s no way to handle a marriage.

    On a seperate regard, many times when a person is loving someone, he or she may not see what other people see (like, the obvious fact that Johnathon is an OVERT gay man). Terry was simply love-strucked.

    Right now, she and he both need to move forward. Books, interviews – essentially, kissing and telling – will do nothing to foster a friendship.

  • Orville

    I disagree Terry McMillian is no victim here she exploited and used her husband as well. Has no one here heard of sex tourism? Terry went to Jamaica because she wanted to be screwed by a young black man with the “big” penis. Terry got screwed alright she thought she could control her husband until he woke up and realized he didn’t love her.

    Jonathan was “inspiration” for her books for “Stella Got Her Groove Back”. Terry was married to the guy of course he deserves some cash. Marriage is a union. Some women here are being hypocritical. If it was the reverse women would say the wife deserves some money.

    I did not agree with Oprah and Terry and that therapist ganging up on Jonathan on the Oprah show. There are two sides to EVERY STORY. And all we here is Terry’s story. Also don’t people know about sex tourism? Terry crafted this so called “love story”.

    No Terry went to Jamaica because she wanted to have sex with a young black man. And nobody talks about the REVERSE. Essence Magazine publishes articles about black men going to Brazil looking for sex. What about black women and white women? Western women go to Jamaica because they want to screw some young black men. Its well known. People need to know rich Western women travel to the Caribbean and South America ALSO FOR SEX.

    It isn’t just men who do it women do it to. Why are people ignoring this? Of course Jonathan was going to bounce from Jamaica when Terry offered him a new life. And what live in poverty? And how is Jonathan supposed to solve Jamaica’s problems? Jonathan is not a politican. He is however a young man that was in a twisted marriage to an older bitter woman. Why wouldn’t he? Also Terry took advantage of a very young man she THOUGHT she could control. And Terry is the one that got burned because Jonathan GREW UP he MATURED.

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