New Couple??? Why The Hell Are Benzino And Claudia Jordan Sucking Face?

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What are these women seeing in Ray Benzino?!?

Ray Benzino And Claudia Jordan Photographed Kissing

Bossip sources slid these pics of “Rapper”/Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta “star” Ray Benzino flirting, laughing, and swappin’ spit with socialite Claudia Jordan. These pics were said to be snapped during a taping of the new season of the hit reality show, but it looks more like music video shoot if you ask us (not that there is much difference between a scripted music vid and a “reality show”).

If Benzino has indeed been smashing Claudia’s tender cakes to smithereens then he certainly has upgraded from his ex-reality attention slore, cast-mate, boo-thang Karlie Redd. That said, the question still remains what the hell ol’ Ray is saying to these broads to have them so open???

We’re sure that these pics will make a lot more sense when the second season of Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta premieres later this year.


For now, hit the flip to see more pics of the cozy couple.

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