Anything Is Possible: Top 10 Greatest Celebrity Comebacks

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For every 50 celebs who tragically fade to black, are those who achieved the impossible: Successful career comebacks. In life, there’s no reset button or cheat code unless you’re one of these ten celebs who used both.

Here are the ten greatest celebrity comebacks. Take a look.

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Robert Downey, Jr.

The A-List megastar went from doing rock-fueled hoodrat activities in the darkest corners of Hollywood to the face of a multi-billion dollar movie empire. Incredibly-talented, he’s easily the greatest comeback story ever.

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Mike Tyson

Iron Mike’s sex assault charge, threats to eat small children, and love for multi-syllable words he can’t pronounce made him the scariest Black man in America for years. Now he’s the hilarious teddy bear in the “Hangover” movies.


2 Chainz

The Grammy-nominated artist formerly known as Tity Boi was recently named the second hottest MC in the game by MTV after years of irrelevancy. What he accomplished with a name change and swag upgrade will be studied long after he’s buried inside a Gucci store.


Chris Brown

The invincible Pop star savagely-assaulted a woman and somehow moonwalked out of prison time. For months, he was the most hated celeb alive who, after a year in timeout, is back with RiRi and featured on several hits.


50 Cent

Before the legendary assassination attempt, 50 was a completely-different artist struggling to find an audience. 9 bullet wounds later, he morphed into a larger-than-life Hip-Hop superhero with uncharted swag levels and career-ending powers.


Britney Spears

The iconic Pop starlet survived a vicious mid-life crisis that included a 55-hour marriage, multiple rehab stints and K. Fed spending ALL her money on Chicken McMuggets and Retro Js. Five years ago, she was shaped like a gallon of milk, sobered up then earned more than any other female artist in 2012 (58 million).

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    Michael Vick

    Michael Vick

    The game-changing QB lost ALL his endorsements, $100 million contract, mansion, luxury cars and hos—everything—after his conviction on dog fighting charges. Four years later, he used life’s cheat code to sign another $100 million contract and earn most of his endorsements back.



    No artist made a greater leap, musically, than the Z-List rapper-turned-international superstar who’s now the male version of Gloria Estefan—Pop’s Spanish Elvis.

    Ron Artest arrives at the 'Dancing With The Stars' studio wearing sexy clothing in Hollywood, CA.

    Ron Artest Metta World Peace

    The lovable wacko was suspended a record 86 games for instigating the infamous “”Malice at the Palace” on that fateful night in Detroit. Now, like Mike Tyson, he’s a happily-medicated ray of sunshine beloved by white people.


    Juicy J

    At 37, he’s living the impossible dream as the ashy ’ole man dominating a young man’s game. Beloved by an entire generation that never heard Three 6 records on the radio, he proved that you’re never too old to chase your dreams.

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