Isn’t He Married???: Michael Misick and Nicole Murphy?!

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Gatecrasher is reporting that Eddie Murphy’s ex-wife and Michael Strahan’s new chick Nicole was getting real close to Lisa Raye’s husband Michael Misick at recent events. Via NY Daily News:

Misick and Murphy were thisclose at the opening of the Mediterranean Village at Sandals’ Grande Antigua resort and Mrs. Misick did not attend. Our spies say the premier’s bodyguard made sure there were no photos taken of the two. And he did a great job: neither WireImage, the event’s official photographer, nor Access Hollywood, who did a segment on the launch, mentioned either of them being there. But other guests said the pair seemed especially chummy on Friday, Oct. 5, during a party at the Cricketer’s Arms, a pub on the property. And some folks started whispering when friendly kisses were exchanged.

“It’s funny – if you didn’t know better, you would have thought they were together.”

He probably was lured in by all the fake breasts Nicole had hanging out at Lisa Raye’s 40th birthday party. It’s a damn shame what veiny ass cheek cleavage can do to a marriage.

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  • Marquella


  • Baby Please

    Does anybody care?

  • Marquella

    no. sorry@lexdiamonz

  • Bahama Mama

    Interesting!! very Interesting….he don’t know Lisa raye will go Playa’s club on his ass….the both of them betta watch out…Diamond don’t play!!

  • Royal Chocolate

    Nicole can’t hold a candle to Lisa Raye. She probably has to show her boobs to make up for that ugly horse face of hers.

  • helltothanaw

    Wow.. if this is true, he must be smokin’ crack or sumthin’.. I mean LisaRaye essentially downgraded, as far as looks are concerned, to be with him. And I’m not saying that being first lady of T&C is bad, hell, that’s a wonderful perk… But hey, I don’t have the full story, so who knows what the hell is going on in their marriage. She may be steppin’ out too, who knows. Will wait and see how this story develops.. if it develops..

  • It

    Marquella…that is one scary gravatar. The movie “The Ring” comes to mind.

  • usherwifey

    mmmmmmmmh.will come back to this after lunch.

  • Lady Architect

    ewww I hope he’s not cheating on lisa with that woman

  • WTFever

    I’m sorry but am I the only one that think they look like brother and sister,look at the nose and the smile?

  • Kanyade

    Nicole looks so PLASTIC especially with those fake bosoms now. She looks weird and very drag-queenish. Skrong features, this one has.

  • disgusted

    nicole looks like a damn barbie doll, and not a pretty one lol

  • Mzgapeach

    Chile boo…..eddie’s EX is lookin a lil saran wrapped with all dat damn plastic in and on her

  • joe

    this is no way for a “head of state” to be acting. why does he [misick] make himself so accessible to people?? you won’t see bush hanging out at a tim mcgraw album release party.

  • yallgetonmynerves

    yeah right..LisaRaye’s ghetto as hell..Nicole ain’t dumb..

  • hereim

    She better stop that.Before Lisa Raye cuts out the silcone. She might even call Da Brat. I dont know if Lisa Raye is ghetto. Neverless hoodrat or a despearte housewife. You never toy with a next women’s man. Check out the commandments.

  • Tabitha

    Eddie’s ex breasts keep getting bigger & bigger. She better be careful LisaRae is frm the Chi & she’ll split Nicole’s wig if she don’t quit messing w/ her man lol

  • Leah

    Nicole’s head game must be tight.

  • s

    I doubt that he was on Nicole it was more Nicole on him you know how those friends can be trying to prove they are better than you and have what you have but Nicole is so FAKE poor man thang. Alot of LisaRaye’s friends were hating because she married up but LisaRaye should watch her back “what goes around comes around” and she has been with a many of married men and right before she married it was Gary Payton who brought her a home and a Rover but never did keep his promise and leave his wife. She has to pay for that.

  • Akimbo

    Falsehoods, mistruths, and hogwash!

  • Big Den

    Nicole is a bad chick, fake or not. I am quite sure if this is true that all three of them know each other VERY well.

  • Oh F@ck That!!!

    Royal Chocolate

    Nicole can’t hold a candle to Lisa Raye. She probably has to show her boobs to make up for that ugly horse face of hers.


    Took the words RIGHT out of my mouth lol. Eventhough this is the most put together picture I have EVER seen of Nicole INCLUDING when she and Eddie were on Oprah years ago…it still doesn’t cut it!!! She is NOT one of the most beautiful women we have poe thang!!!

    But….She probably realizes that

  • Candy Barr

    I always used to say, I think Eddie married Nicole because of her manish face . . . The B is doing whatever she can to get a husband, as Eddie is already engaged. She needs to hold onto that silly fool who is willing to put up with her and those five *ucking kids.

  • Karma

    Uh-Oh! Let the rumors and gossip begin. Hopefully it’s not true…and hopefully Nicloe will sit the hell down and not get in to that man’s home life.

    *Home-wrecker hater*

  • Karma

    I used to think Nicole was cute…but now I have to agree with some of the other posters…she look-a like-a-man!

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