No Love: The 10 Worst Baby Mommas In The Game

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Siohvaughn Funches-Wade’s lawyer does not want to represent her anymore

The Worst Celebrity Baby Mommas

We’re so used to hearing about dirty dogs and their roles in ruining families, but sometimes the ladies out there can be just as detrimental. These ladies can be considered crappy baby mommas to anyone involved. And isn’t it time we salute the men who picked up the slack? Of course it is.

eminem and kim

Kim Mathers – She had to give her kids up her kids because she was stuck on the yayo.

dwade siovaughn

Siovaugh – Um. She kidnapped her kids. ‘Nuff said.


Britney Spears – She lost her damn mind and went bald. When K Fed keeps the kids, you know it’s bad.


J. Lo – She got that little boy hanging out with her kids right after the divorce. Probably drove Marc Anthony crazy.

Liza Morales

Liza Morales – Lamar Odom’s baby momma is so concerned with his reality life that she’s become a high-ranking slore in the game.


Allison Mathis – Chris Bosh’s baby momma is all about trying to stick him at all times. She wouldn’t even let him take the baby to the Olympics with him.

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    Shawty Lo’s Baby Mommas – These 10 slores all deserve to get put out for being a part of this travesty.


    Royce Reed – She had a baby then went P-popping for Ludacris on a reality show.


    Pilar Sanders – She tried to beat him up at the crib after their split. Her gold-digging ways are unforgivable.

    Ne-Yo performing on his R.E.D Tour at Liverpool Echo Arena

    Jesseca – She put Ne-Yo on her baby’s birth certificate even though he wasn’t the baby daddy. Scandalous!

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