Overrated Goods: Women Guys Go Crazy Over Who Aren’t Really That Cute

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Women Guys Love Though They Aren’t That Cute

Guys have such simple tastes in women: big chests, super curves and tight clothes. Sure there are other cool aspects but deep down, that’s what guys like to see.

But these ladies? Sure they may have some decent bodies but we don’t see the appeal. Call us haters, but we don’t get it.

So let’s take a look at women a lot of guys like who just don’t do it for most people.

"Parker" premiere

Coco – Sure, the bionic woman has all the assets money can buy, but is she truly beautiful? Meh.

Kim Kardashian Lunches In Beverly Hills

Kim Kardashian – She looks very much like most curvy women in LA. She just happened to get chopped down by Ray J.

megan fox

Megan Fox – You may see beautiful eyes and seductive lips. We just see JACKED UP THUMBS!


Ciara – Remember when she tried to be a woman and did that Vibe shoot? Yes, she can twerk but she’s also sort of built like Scottie Pippen.

Jennifer Hudson Weight Watchers celebrates it's 50th anniversary

Jennifer Hudson – We understand the infatuation, but she lost us about 20 pounds ago. We like thickly Jen!


Lola Monroe – Guys were on her from the XXL days, but there’s just too much plastic there to justify the crushes.

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    Keri Hilson – The sloretasicness of her actions have greatly turned us off.


    Cassie – She’s all skin and bones and a jacked up hair style.

    2012 MTV Video Music Awards - Red Carpet

    Nicki Minaj – Is it possible to have a butt too big? If so, she has it. We’d prefer a little more nature than nurture for Nicki.


    Superhead – Yes, she looks good still, but read her book and you’ll want penicillin for just being in the same room as her.

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