Rihanna Confirms Breakup With Chris Brown

And Karrueche Laughed: Rihanna Confirms Whether Or Not Chris Breezy Kicked Her Bad Gyal Flat Cakes To The Curb

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Rihanna heads to Twitter to confirm her breakup with Breezy

Rihanna Confirms Breakup With Chris Brown

Is there trouble in paradise? Following Chris’ shocking revelation that he is not dating Rihanna, the Bajan banger singer tweeted ‘This is terrible’ and then deleted it.

Did she and Chris break up?

Via HollywoodLife reports:

Did Chris Brown break up with Rihanna? In a shocking new radio interview, Chris said that he is NOT dating the singer, and Rihanna tweeted a series of angry and sad tweets on March 28. Was she pissed after a break up argument?

Are Rihanna & Chris Brown Still Together?
Rihanna, 25, is currently on tour in Canada, tweeted “Joke’s on you.” on March 26, and “This is terrible” on March 29. She then later deleted that tweet. Has she been fighting with Chris?

Chris, 23, attended an interview with LA deejay Big Boy on March 29, and when asked if he was still dating Rihanna he said “Uh, no-that’s the short answer.”

Were he and Rihanna fighting? It explains why she would throw such shade on Twitter! On March 29 she then tweeted “Its the heart of a #Pisces that makes us soft mannered BUT is that same heart of a #Pisces that will make us get in your ass if needed,” immediately after the interview aired.

What Chris Said In The Interview

On collaborating with Rihanna: “Well, right now I have a couple songs that I wrote for her album, and you know, and mine that she’s featured on. The song’s called “put it up” too. “Put it up right derr, right derr.”

The last time they saw each other: “I plead the 5th. You know I didn’t lie to you man, I just didn’t tell the truth. Man it has been a minute though, cuz I haven’t had a chance to go out there on the tour yet. Cuz i’ve been working, but I seen her right before she went out.”

Are they in love? “Huh? I’m a lover, man. Definitely a lover.”

Is Chris going to visit Rihanna on tour? “Yeah, I’m gonna try to go catch a couple shows. I heard it was amazing. I saw some of the rehearsal shows though.”




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