More Shots Fired: Love & Hip Hop Rapstress Lore’l Claims Winter Ramos Was A Knob Slobbin’ Slorebag When She Worked For Fabolous

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Lore’l Claims Winter Ramos Slept Around

Love & Hip Hop angry birds Lore’l and Winter Ramos have been going at it ever since Winter put Lore’l on blast while reading a since-deleted excerpt from her book “Game Over.” Both ladies told BOSSIP that they’re no longer friends, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from going at each other in interviews.

In one of her latest interviews on Blogtalk Radio, Lore’l fires a more than few shots at Winter, spilling a few dirty details about Winter’s alleged extracurricular ho-tivities while she worked as an assistant for Fabolous.

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In a candid interview with Have Seat on Blogtalk Radio Lore’l says Winter used to go the extra mile when she was Fab’s assistant.

“She used to sleep on Fab’s floor and gave everyone h**d in the entourage. She’s been known as a disgusting who*e since the 1st day I met her but, I don’t like to judge people on their reputation.

It’s funny when you have girls like that…there’s always a h*e trying to call another girl a h*e.

Last time I saw Winter, my homegirl dragged her off the couch. She knows. Ask her. Being pregnant was the only reason why (we didn’t kick her a**).

I feel like she is a disgusting person. She’s 35 years old talking about having sex with rappers back in like ’86.”

Hmmm. These two have been beefing pretty hard lately, so it’s hard to tell what’s true and what’s not. Do you believe Lore’l?

Meanwhile, Winter herself hasn’t had any problem putting her own past sexcapades on blizzy blast either lately.

Hit the flip to hear her talk smashin’ the hip hop homes and why she was bustin’ it open in the bedroom on the regular back in the day.


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What were the factors that led to you starting to become intimate with some of these entertainers?
“In this industry, it’s not [just] a job. It becomes a lifestyle. 24 hours a day. Seven days a week. You’re around these guys on a consistent basis. You’re at the offices. You’re at the video shoots. You’re at the photo shoots. You’re at the dinners. You’re at the house. You’re at the events. I’m not a bad looking young lady.  I’m the typical female they go for. Spanish, long hair and pretty girl.

Since those were the guys I wwas around all the time, those were the guys who would approach me that kind of intrigued me. So why not? I wasn’t hanging out anywhere else. So of course I’m going to end up dating all of the guys I end up surrounding myself with.”

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