Grow Up: 10 Pranks Only Lames Are Trying On April Fool’s

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10 Lame April Fool’s Jokes

It’s April 1st. Which means your Instagrams, Twitter feeds and Facebook timeline will be flooded with people being absolutely lame with the worst, nobody cares about April Fool’s jokes they still think are clever. Hey, dummy, we’ve been around the block. So we know it’s coming.

With that said, here are some April Fool’s jokes you should give up on because you sound like a total idiot with them.


Baby Pics – We know you didn’t have a baby. We saw you last week and you were just fat, not pregnant.


I’m Pregnant! – NO you’re not. Nobody wants to chop you down.


Guess Who Popped The Question! – Nobody.


I Dropped Out Of School – Hilarious. Really.


Break-Ups – Oh you pranked us together. But we bet you’ll break up for real in no time.


Fake Songs – DJs go around pretending like they have a great song coming that fans get excited about. It only reminds us of how struggly your real music is.

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    Stupid Sports Stories – No, Michael Jordan isn’t coming back, fools.


    Fake Gossip – Lil Wayne got rid of all his tattoos! No? Oh.


    We Eloped! – Did you, now?


    New Looks – We get it. You’re good at photoshop. But we still don’t believe you had 100,000 worth of plastic surgery done last night.

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