Are You Feelin’ These Get Ups? High School Couple Wears Duct Tape Outfits To Prom And Wins $5,000 In College Scholarships [Photo]

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They did something strange for a little change…

Prom Couple Wears Matching Duct Tape Outfits To Dance

Two South Carolina high school students worked wonders with duct tape to create matching outfits for their school prom…..all in the name of money for towards college tuition.

via ABC News

A prom dress and tux made from duct tape might help pay for two students’ college tuition.

Senior Amber Squires and her prom date Kody Britt wore a matching ensemble made entirely of duct tape to Thursday night’s Green Sea Floyd High School prom.

The idea started in her 9th grade art class, when Squires’ art teacher Miss Hull mentioned the Stuck at Prom duct tape scholarship contest. The contest awards $5,000 to the best duct tape outfit, factoring in workmanship, originality, accessories and use of color.

The school that hosted the prom also gets the same amount. The contest runs from March until June and winners are announced in May.

Three years later when her senior year rolled around, Squires remembered the contest while she was out shopping for prom dresses.

“I thought ‘Senior year, I’ll remember that forever and it’ll be like no other,’” she told ABC News.

Once she had stocked up on supplies, 25 rolls of tape for her outfit and 15 for his – she was ready to start creating.  Even her high heels were taped to match.

We have to admit, this is pretty impressive. Congrats to these students on their $5,000 college book money for two classes scholarship award.

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