Ne-Yo Talks About Singers Who Lip-Sync

Shots Fired: Ne-Yo Calls Out All Lip-Syncing Singers “Learn How To Sing And Dance At The Same Time!”

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R&B diva Ne-Yo is putting all you fake singers on blast!

Ne-Yo Talks About Singers Who Lip-Synch

Via Daily Telegraph reports:

The singer-songwriter, whose hits include Irreplaceable and Because Of You, told Confidential: “If you’re an artist, your job is to learn how to entertain.

“As an artist, you need to learn to sing or dance, or sing and dance at the same time.

“That’s your job. You can’t be a mechanic, but let somebody else fix the car. Why would they bring it to you?

“They’d just take it to the guy who’s fixing it. The same thing is true about being an artist. If I want to hear what you sound like on the CD, I’ll just listen to the CD.”

His comments come as Beyonce was busted miming at US President Barack Obama’s inauguration, and Britney Spears lip-syncing entire concerts.

Ne-Yo, real name Shaffer Smith, 33, also took aim at performers using production to cover weaknesses.

He said: “If you don’t do sing so well, or dance so well, and you need a bunch of pyro, smoke and mirrors to cover up that fact, I have an issue, because I’ll feel like I haven’t got my money’s worth”

Ne-Yo is one heck of a singer and songwriter but do you think he should be telling Bey as well as others to bow down and get their vocals straight?

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