BET Honors: Whitney is That You???

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Last night the BET Honors were held, and Whitney Houston made a appearance. She looks better especially with that weight on her arms.

Bossip was on the red carpet last night. You know every body and they mama showed up, Mary J., Gabrielle Union(fresh from the clinic), Magic Johnson and Cookie. The biggest surprise of the night…Ne-Yo showed up with a girl on his arm.

Pop that thang and see the rest, including Bossip exclusive pictures taken on the red carpet last night…


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  • Angee

    Whitney looks great!

    I think everyone looks nice in these pics!

  • Jane Doe

    Bossip you took the words right out of my mouth, thats the same thing i was thinking.

  • GoodKarma4me

    Yeah she looks really good.

  • Brit

    Wow whitney looks great! But I dont really care about her making a comeback, she left her mark and had an amazing career, is now considered an icon/legend. I dont think any new music she brings out could ever be as great as her old stuff.

    Neyo and his gf look a mess, after his lightskinnded comments I have lost respect for him completely. Unfortunately he makes good music so its hard to boycot him completey, but I will never pay for his music and put money into the pockets of a self-hating, colourist/complexionist homosexual.

    Everyone else looks great

  • beloved

    im glad to see her looking good,i love whitney

  • sexy1

    Gud morning….ma gurl is lookin gud! Luv herrrrrrrrr

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Glad to see her looking better…..

  • #10 on the Chinese Menu w/no MSG

    How ironic she left all excess baggage behind and starts to look like the Whitney we once knew!!

  • #10 on the Chinese Menu w/no MSG

    correction *the*

  • The Skorpion Show

    Whitney looks amazing! I can only hope that her voice is back! I can’t wait for her comeback

  • He's my ROC

    Gabby fresh frm the clinic LOL
    Bossip you to much

  • Lisa

    OMG I’m So Emotional seeing my girl Whit looking this good!

  • ..............

    where are the Knowles-Carter? I miss them here, bossip please. Whitney looks fantastic hope she comes back hard and kick out all these non talented ones out

  • LeeLee

    Everyone looks good. Whitney looks good but I don’t think she’ll come back hard as everyone expects her to..

    I luv me some NeYo..

  • jjj / Proud Jamaican

    Crack is wack; so that makes crack head Whitney wack….

  • SeptemberChick

    wooooooooow…she looks AWESOME 🙂 anyone knows when this airs?

  • Dee1266

    Love you Whitney!

  • Lady Architect

    Love her and she looks great. Hope the voice training with some of the greats has gotten her back on point.

  • http://bossip Ms Keys

    Stay well Whitney

  • Jamillah

    Nice to see that Whitney picked up some weight, but she looks tired and old. I guess you can’t undo all of the damage that drugs do to you. She’ll always be one of the best singers ever, it’s just unfortunate that she went the way of so many other greats.

  • Lynn

    Whitney looks good. Thought Joe looked really handsome also. Nice pics!

  • Veus

    She will always be one of the greatest. No one can reach her status and outsing her

  • MissBK

    Bossip wasn’t on no red carpet why would they invite people from a bootleg gossip site to be on the red carpet? Smh.

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over

    Ms Keys

    Stay well Whitney

    Yea, Whitney looks great…back to U…Obviously my computer is slow, but I see U’re a cutie on your gravie…but where’s my AKEYS…(pouts and continue to prepare waffles…and not @ the Waffle House either…wonder if their hiring)

  • charlieblanko

    @Miss BK.


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