Bogus Bolitics: Democratic Senator Supports NRA Provision That Would Allow People Declared Mentally Ill To Purchase Guns

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Democratic Senator Supports Provision Allowing Mentally Ill To Purchase Guns

The gun control debate is still a hot topic across the nation, and the recent decision of a Democratic Senator Mark Pryor to speak out in support of a seemingly controversial NRA gun provision has added fuel to the fire.

via Think Progress

Sen. Mark Pryor (D-AR) hinted on Tuesday that he would oppose a Democratic initiative to expand background checks to all gun purchases, but reiterated his support for an NRA-backed measure that would permit individuals deemed mentally ill or incompetent to purchase firearms more freely.

Pryor emphasized removing records from the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, rather than broadening the requirement:

“I do support improving the background check. I want to make sure that when we put data in the background check that we have the right kind of mental health data. We need integrity in that data to be in there and we also need a process where people can get their names out of there when the time is right.

Either they got their name wrongly in the first place or they’ve gone through some issue or whatever and that’s behind them and they need to get their name out of the database. So I support a bipartisan bill on that, in fact I think it’s endorsed by the NRA, so I’m not like totally opposed to every single thing. I try to be reasonable on this.”

Do you agree with what the Senator is saying?

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