Straight Slander: Read All The Most Scathing Review Comments About Tyler Perry’s Temptation Flick

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Scathing Reviews For Tyler Perry’s Temptation Movie

Tyler Perry makes bad movies. He does. We’re not hating, but we know bad movies she we see them. Tyler Perry can make us laugh from time to time, but mostly his movies are just God-awful flicks that we watch for guilty pleasure. So what happens when people review them? The review are usually negative. This new joint, Temptations, is another in a long list of stinkers. The critics absolutely let er’ rip too, giving him the utter business.

To prove the point, we found all the reviews and picked out the most slanderous comments. Clutch your Bibles because it gets ugly.

The last thing I want to do on Easter weekend is commit the sin of making a bad Biblical pun, especially when Perry has already committed so many cinematic sins in this intelligence-insulting film. – Washington Post

Tyler Perry’s Temptation is an awful, awful film and while it is easy to mock and dismiss, it is also kind of a shame to behold. – Chicago Sun-Times

There’s nothing subtle about a Tyler Perry movie. In his latest big-screen morality play, Temptation each scene is so predictable you can almost finish the actors’ lines for them. Scratch that, you’d probably come up with something better than they end up saying. – EW

Perry’s ongoing disinterest in improving as a filmmaker is now seemingly part of his unshakable belief in himself, his insistence on doing his thing his way. – LA Times

The most dependable aspect of Tyler Perry’s entire output is its vulgar obviousness. He doesn’t just lack subtlety, he oversells every emotion and every consequence until the characters onscreen lose all credibility as real people. It’s hard to believe actors want to work with him. – TV Guide

It isn’t until Temptation grows flamboyantly bad in its final act that it rises to the level of good dumb fun in the trashy tradition of Perry’s most entertainingly awful films. – AV Club

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    In this latest film, ‘Tyler Perry’s Temptation,’ not even the stunt casting of reality star Kim Kardashian can improve this bloated, soulless and unexciting novella. –

    For rational, sane people it’s bound to be considered one of the worst films of the year, but for seekers of wretched, glorious camp, it may be an instant classic. – Crave Online

    Perry clumsily frames this story as a tale a counselor (Candice Coke) tells a young woman who’s thinking of cheating on her husband. The timing of the comic moments is off, and the film drags and drags before reaching a conclusion that’s visible from a mile off. – Chicago Tribune

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