Audio Gold: Top 10 Underrated R&B Songs, Part 2

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More slept-on R&B gems? Why NOT?

Here are ten more underrated R&B songs. Take a look.

R. Kelly “Gotham City (Remix)”

Say what you want about the pissy sicko (allegedly), he’s the only artist who could make a song about a fictional comic book city dope.

Brandy “Come As You Are”

Famously turned down by Hovvie Hov on “Fade To Black,” this infectious Timbo track found its way to Brandy and the rest is history. “Afrodisiac” underrated? Absolutely.

Nicole Wray “If I Was Your Girlfriend”

Replace Nicole Wray with Beyonce and this record is a bona fide smash. Buried by her label, this was the tragically-unlucky singer’s biggest record that never happened.

Kelly Rowland Feat. Tank “The Show”

Kelendria Knowles Rowland can’t possibly be worthless as a solo artist with gems like this on her catalog.

Kelis “Sugar Honey Iced Tea”

Pure ear candy. The Neptunes + Kelis = undefeated.

Keyshia Cole “We Could Be”

Hoodrats across the universe cry their fake eyelashes off whenever they hear this record. Keyshia’s realest record…ever? It’s possible.

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    Intro “Ribbon in the Sky (Cover)”

    Most timeless song covers are 100% trash but THIS is one of the greatest ever. Somehow Intro took Stevie’s classic to another level which seems impossible.

    Ciara “Other Chicks”

    CiCi wouldn’t have to bussit open for tracks had she stuck to her winning “Goodies” formula and avoided “Urban Pop.”

    Megan Rochell “The One You Need”

    This Dark Child-produced gem could drop today, right now, and be the JAM.

    Latoiya Williams “Fallen Star”

    Easily one of the most slept-on R&B records of the 2000s.

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