Sister Wives: Chris Brown Speaks For The First Time About When Rihanna And Karrueche Came Face To Face

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So, this DID happen…

Chris Brown Tells Story Of Rihanna And Karrueche Meeting

Last summer, among the millions of Chriannarueche rumors was one in particular that suggested that Rihanna and Karrueche had met at some point during their highly publicized love triangle fiasco.

Rihanna did admit during her sit down with Oprah that she saw Chris when he was in Cannes to shoot a video…..and was photographed with Karrueche…..but she never addressed whether or not she and Karrueche ever actually came face to face.

Now, almost a full year later, loveryboy Breezy is spilling the beans on how his ex misses and his main thang really felt about each other back then and how they reacted to his revealing confession video where he admitted to being in love with both of them at the same damn time.

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On their reaction to finding out that he was love with both of them:
“[In the video]I talked about and I elaborated on the fact that I was in love with two females.

So, you know, during that process, their feelings towards that… know, women are emotional, men are emotional. And I can’t be selfish and think that they would have an okay feeling towards it.

But I just had to be honest and if they accepted it, they accepted it and if not, that’s just my consequences because that’s just how I feel.

The good thing is that, they’re two both wonderful women and they just was like “You know what? We just want you to be alright.” And then I was like “ah, sh*t!, Now you just made it even harder.”

We can’t lie, Breezy putting everything out there and keeping it 100 about his situation might be the best move he’s made for his career and personal image in a looooooong time.

Hit the flip to hear what happened when Rih-Rih and her arch nemesis Karrueche came face to face with Breezy present and watching it all go down…


“One time I was overseas. Where was it Cannes? Yeah, it was in Cannes. And it was around that same time when I had a girlfriend but I was, you know, still talking to Rihanna and it was like….. *moans*.

So I went there and I shot the [Everyday Birthday] video with Swizz and Ludacris.

So, they threw a party on this big boat. And, my girl was there. And maybe, 15 minutes later, Rihanna showed up. But I’m on the boat like, “Oh shhh, what am I finna do right now?” And you know what? They were cool, bro. They spoke to each other. And I was like “whoa.”

Honestly, that was the first time that I can say, I knew they loved me. Because they didn’t…..they were classy.”

Daaayyum. Chris told both of these breezies that they were sharing his magic stick and that he loved them both……and they were STILL able to be cordial to each other in person. Pimpin’ aint easy…but it can be done.

You can check out the rest of the interview below for more on Chris wishing his relationship with Karrueche was better, feeling like he was “losing his mind” loving both she and Rihanna, and more.


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