Really??? Japanese Woman Lived With Corpse Of Her Hermit Brother For Over A Year Before Discovering His Death And Trying To Dispose Of Body!

- By Bossip Staff

How do you LIVE with a dead body for over a year and not smell it?

Via NY Daily News reports:

A Japanese woman unwittingly lived with her brother’s mummified corpse for more than a year, chopping him up and tossing him in the trash when she finally realized he was dead.

Masao Tadano, a reclusive character not seen by the rest of his family for decades, lived with his two sisters in the Northern area of Hokkaido.

Preferring to stay in his bedroom, he was left alone by his siblings, who say they hadn’t seen him since 2010.

It was only in November 2012, when they checked on him because they were moving, that they discovered the 48-year-old had died.

In a state of panic, one of the sisters chopped up his corpse and dumped the pieces into plastic bags.

“I did not want to be criticized and thought it would be got rid of in the trash,” she told newspaper Sankei Shimbun.

His remains were discovered recently by demolition workers who were knocking down the house, which sparked a police investigation.

Cops accept that the 49-year-old sister was not involved in his death, but she still faces a charge of abandonment of a corpse, reports

It’s unclear exactly when Tadano died, but the state of his corpse suggested he’d been dead for at least 18 months when found, cops said.

Damn shame… We can see how this happens though because some people really be on that hermit isht. SMH.


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