Happy Birthday: 10 Things That Pharrell Williams Might Be Doing To Help Him To Keep His Youthful Look Even Though He’s The Tender Age Of 40

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Damn! Would you have ever guessed that this man is 40?!

Pharrell Williams Turns 40 Today

Today, Pharrell Williams turns the big 4-0. The hit-maker has been long-lauded for his music, but also his baby-faced appearance. He reminds us LL Cool J and Nas in their uncanny ability to retain freshmen-in-high-school type looks as 40 year olds.

That got us thinking, what the hell is Skateboard P doing to keep himself looking so young?! Without knowing for sure if its just good genes or a dedication to exfoliation, we compiled our own list of things that we think might be helping Mr. Williams looking fresh and clean.

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Making Music For Rappers

They say rap is a young man’s game, or at least a game where old men act like young men. That has to have some type of residual effect. right??

Dating Intelligent And Successful Women

Now you may ask, “How does dating intelligent women help you stay looking young?”. Well, if you’ve ever seen a reality TV show then you know how much of a headache dating a bird can be. Pharrell once dated famed video director and NY “it” girl Vashtie Kola and is currently engaged to Helen Lasichanh.

Buying Very Fast And Expensive Cars

Normally it’s said that men buy flashy rides during a mid-life crisis, but when you’re rich, you don’t have to wait. “Call from the cell phone, gimme that Enzo”

Hanging Out With Prince

We don’t know for sure that Prince or Pharrell have even met before, but one thing is for sure if anyone has the fountain of youth it’s him.

Wearing Children’s Clothes

Billionaire Boys Club is pretty much like a Osh Kosh B’Gosh for rappers. The name alone implies the wearer will never grow up.

Saying No To Drugs

Bossip sources close to the grammy-winning producer say that although he lives the rapper lifestyle you would be hard pressed to catch him with a drink in his hand or smoking. Can’t be mad at that

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    Before Lil Wayne decided to go TrukFit, before Lupe Fiasco kicked and pushed, Skateboard P brought his four wheels to hip-hop culture and made it cool. Hard to skateboard when you’re collecting Medicaid checks.


    Nothin’ signals rebel youth like a tattoo and P’s ink has made him just as popular with the ladies as his music. In fact, we’re inclined to credit P with beginning the light-skinned tattooed rapper movement. After all, what would Wiz Khalifa, Kirko Bangz, Kid Ink, and Tyga have been without him?

    Smiling and Laughing

    We can’t ever recall a time where we have seen Pharrell sad, crying, depressed, stressed out, nothing. That’s not to say that his life is perfect, but a smile and a laugh can help keep all of us with a little bounce in our step.

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