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- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

With the inauguration fast approaching, we want check in with our readers and see what advice they would give to President Obama.

At Bossip, we would like for Obama to put the brakes on giving out hundreds of billions of TARP money like corporate welfare checks and let bad businesses with poor management fail. Discuss…

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  • texas


  • http://bossip Ms Keys

    do you baby!!!!!

  • Larry Lunchmeat

    As a soldier in the US Army, I would like to see us beef up security here and take care of domestic issues, before dealing with these third world country issues. HOME FIRST!! EVERYONE ELSE later

  • Reesie....of Cephus and Reesie

    Go with your heart. Let the public know you are TRYING to make postitive changes. Take care of your family and give a middle finger to those who are going to be on every move you make waiting for you to slip…..

  • Mock Rock Star is taking over

    I would like for Obama to come to my site and add a bit of class:

  • nubn

    Lets Just all DO BETTER

  • Kantrustem

    Dont be flip flopping now.

  • http://deleted CriticXtreme

    (Fix) I said, “Barack I wish you the best!” I meant to say “Mr. President, I wish you the best!”

  • Yoshie's Weekend Madness

    “At Bossip, we would like for Obama to put the brakes on giving out hundreds of billions of TARP money like corporate welfare checks and let bad businesses with poor management to fail. Discuss…”

    I would like Bossip to be able to form a coherent sentence.

  • Bus a Bus



  • Hammer of The Gods

    My advice to President Obama is this, “Fight All The Right Fights,And Make All The Right Enemies.”

  • the kid

    I would ask that you cover your adminstration in the 91st Psalm

  • http://bossip Ms Keys

    LETS GO PHILLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • God be with him

    Mr. President be strong in your every endevour, Be stern with what ever you say, Never give up or in, love your country as you do your family, and last but, not least the one thing that will cover all of these things is to be yourself and never lose sight of it.

  • it's me

    I would definitely say stop giving these big corporations all this money because as long as we as consumers don’t have money to support their businesses they will continue to fail and seek help from the government. I don’t think we should just be handed money either. Mr. President needs to do something about the unemployment crisis we are facing and then the economy should get back to normal and no one will need bailouts from the government.

  • Slide Like A Fresh Pair of Gators (Keepin' It Real - D'Original)


    I would like for the first Black President to work on getting Black People their 40 Acres and A Mule.

  • Tahuh

    Absolutely no interns! Just kidding. Seriously, my advice for President Obama is to never lose sight of the importance of your position, why you wanted to be President, who you are working for and why we the people need a strong and level-headed leader. You have changed the landscape for so many children of color. Anyone can hold the position of president as we have seen, but it takes a great man to BE the leader of the free world. The world is in need of change and are looking to you to help start the process. It’s a HUGE responsibility but I can’t think of anyone I trust more to get this movement going. Stay true to who you are trust in the creator and you should be fine. The people have your back so let’s get it!

  • Black.Woman

    Dear Mr. Barack Obama

    I would like to give you my blessings. Bless your family and bless your colleagues.
    What advice I can give to you is continue making changes.
    I do have a major request.
    You need to use your power to investigate the fact that George W. Bush gave orders to torture prisoners for information. You need to investigate it thoroughly. If you find any proof that substantiates such-then you need to make sure the Attorney General prosecutes Bush and all under his regime to the fullest extent of the law. By doing this, you would bring justice to the world.
    Thank you.

  • c from stl


    Seek the Lord in all decision making,

    Stay away from the Jezebels…they will definitely sic them on you,

    Don’t be liberal with everything all the time,

    Never let them see you sweat,

    Stay fine as wine 🙂

  • bossip is retarded


  • anchord "HISTORY (new athem)"

    Lets go Arizona! Fitzgerald for president

  • lanette

    President Obama please stay grounded so that you can look out for people like me who have no voice. I am so happy that my niece and nephews can witness this.
    We are more than some of the crap that sites like BOSSIP say’s that we are –you and your family have proven that. GOD BLESS YOU, & GOD BLESS AMERICA…

  • knottmyhair

    He should keep doing exactly what he’s doing.

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Man, I just don't care


    where are you?

  • the real truth

    I would just like to say THANKS for achieving a goal that seemed impossible. We had people fight and loss their lives for that right. I only hope you let god be the lead and the head of your life. we know you may not be able to achieve all of the goals you set out to accomplish but please don’T LET US DOWN. Our last president is the reason we’re
    having finacial hardship. I am honored to be a living witness to history. Barrack Obama our first black president of the United States of America.

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