Animal House: Bieber’s Freeloading Friends Using His Crib For Wild Sex Parties That Put Charlie Sheen To Shame

- By Bossip Staff

Even when Bieber is away his boys will play…

Via National Enquirer reports:

Bieber’s mega-mansion has been transformed into the ultimate bachelor pad by his sin-crazed buds who throw all-night bashes while he is on tour.

“There are usually only five dudes and about 42 girls,” a regular raver at Casa Bieber in Calabasas, Calif., tells RadarOnline.

“A couple of them are pole dancers and the rest are just girls that everyone knows. All the guys are pretty much hooking up with all he women, they find two or three girls that they like a night.

“The parties are pretty wild, it is like an insane frat party but with way less dudes and a lot more hot chicks! They go on until about 4 or 5 in the morning.”

But, not all the rumors about the party pad are true, claims the source.

“Everyone is saying there is a lot of ‘sizzurp’ (codeine syrup) but that’s not true, the only drug used by some people is maryjane,” he explains. “Then other people (sucking down) Ciroc vodka or Stella Artois beer.

“Justin knows about the parties and doesn’t mind – but there’s always a bodyguard to make sure no girls are taking pictures. Everyone who comes in has to sign (a non-disclosure waiver) and leave their cell phone at the door with security.”

Spread out on 1.3 acres of land and covering 10,000 square feet, the mega-mansion turned party central is luckily so huge that even the closest neighbors can’t hear the mayhem that’s going on inside the property, reveals the party-goer.

“We haven’t heard anything from the neighbors because the house is so big and we usually keep it in one room – the Hookah Lounge – and then go out and party in the pool,” the pumped up lounge lizard said.

“You can’t hear the music outside of the estate though and no cops have ever been called – if a neighbor has complained it will probably have been about the amount of cars out in the street.”

And, the party doesn’t stop when the Biebs is home – but it becomes decidedly more PG!

“It just depends on what kind of mood Justin is in on the night. You gotta remember, Justin’s 19 and what are other kids his age doing?”

Among the core group of permanent “house guests”– who all live at the $6.5 million estate in a suburb of Los Angeles for free – are rappers King Kevi (a.k.a. Kevin Pederson) and Lil Twist, but the source insists this new breed of Rat Pack aren’t mooching off the Cheez Whiz Kid.

“Kevi comes from a wealthy family and is in talks with record labels – and the other guys are worth at least $5 million each,” the insider divulged.

We can’t vouch for everything — but we’ve definitely heard that Bieber is a fan of non-disclosure agreements so we know at least some of this is likely true.

Does any of this surprise you?


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