Jay-Z and Beyonce are the Ace of Spades

- By Bossip Staff

Posted by Bossip Staff

Hova and Beyonce hosted a Pre-Inauguration party at Love Nightclub in Washington D.C., in very close quarters with the fans. A good time was had by all, even Solange, although her who farted face may not show it. SMH

Pop the hood and see more of the celebration

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  • TiTi


  • Yve

    Why is Beyonce’s hair only decent when a “live” camera is not supposed to be present. She is like Mimi who only looks human and doesn’t pose when she isn’t aware of a camera or a crew.

  • OMG! WTF!


  • Gemma

    tres. slow day

  • http://bossip Ms Keys


  • OMG! WTF!


  • Reality Check

    I’m so sick of these “johnny come lately” artist and entertainers gleening psuedo political views and movements like they are the latest fashion. Jay-Z as he wears his Lincoln T-shirt, probably does not know anything about the political philosophy of Lincoln, he’s “jocking” Lincoln because Lincoln is Obama’s political inspiration. Jay-Z should really read the real reason why Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclaimation. It was not because of Lincoln honestly seeing slavery as being immoral, Lincoln viewed Blacks as still being inferior to whites, but it was a political and financial move for the Union. History is as important as champange!!!!! Jay-Z and all of these other fools are a straight embarrasment for all of those who have blood for the rights of Blacks in this country.

  • http://WWW.YAHOO.COM Man, I just don't care

    Chea!! The Eagles lost!!

  • Gemma

    @Reality check
    You know thats the first thing i thought when i saw these pics. Well ya cant change the world or some peoples levels of ignorance.

  • Kantrustem

    Blah Blah Blah

  • Moreaces

    Imma have to check out Love night club, never been there..

  • http://bossip.com hater

    @Reality Check
    DUDE, get a life

  • Reality Check

    Hater, Get a clue and I am not a DUDE!!!!!

  • black friday

    @Reality Check:
    You are the ignorant one. Of course Lincoln thought blacks were inferior to whites. That was the general perception at the time. You can’t be mad at him for believing what everybody else (even blacks) believed at that time. Thats like calling people stupid for believing the world was flat before Columbus.
    Lincoln was a GREAT president and not just because he freed the slaves…Maybe you should be the one who reads a history book!

  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    Yes, Reality Check- Lincoln was a “free-soiler” The Free-Soil party believed that men on free soil in the west(non-slave states) should remain free- he did not want slavery to expand. As for the slave states, he did not give a damn. He DID NOT WANT SLAVERY TO EXPAND TO FREE STATES! HE WAS NOT AGAINST SLAVERY IN SLAVE STATES!

  • FakeAssHungryHo's

    To Black Friday, you are quite wrong. You need to open a book and read it, because it apparent you do not know the happenings. Lincoln was okay with slave states, he was not ok with non-slave states becoming slave states. You do not know what you speak of.

  • black friday

    I never said Lincoln was totally against slavery. You need to learn how to read. In Lincoln WAS against slavery, but He wasn’t willing to destroy the union in order to free the slaves. That is why he didn’t want slavery to expand into the non-slave states. In order to keep the union intact he was willing to allow the south to keep their slaves. Yes, it was political. And when he did finally free the slaves, that was political too. The point is HE FREED THE SLAVES! Not his motives.

    And my reasons for calling Lincoln a great President have very little to do with him freeing the slaves. If you read about him you’ll know what I’m talking about. That is why I said RC needs to read a history book…

  • highasaneagleyadig

    When is J gonna cut his peezy ass hair!!!!..SMH

  • Reality Check

    black friday, did I say anything against Lincoln? NO, I was stating a fact about his political views and how because of Obama using him as his political inspiration Jay-Z is now wearing him on a t-shirt without knowing his political views, like how people wear Che on t-shirts without knowing Che’s political manifesto. True ingnorance is attacking a statement that was not being made! Thank you FakeAss for going into more detail, and to Hater, I apologize, I forgot hating is what you do, just next time don’t make assumptions about posters sex!



    You took the words right out of my mouth. When I see young jeezy hyping obama up it makes me confused. Its easy to wear a shirt and repeat all the facts about that person that you first hear in the news but it makes me sick to think that they really know nothing about that person. Sometimes artist use politics for more exposure. As children we probably didnt care to much about history. But its good to know a little bit of everything. Artist can sport politics in their videos but after they walk off the set they dont know shit about shit. Read a book.

  • black friday

    Most of these hip hop artists are ignorant and don’t much about history, but anything that turns minority youth’s eyes towards the political process and not drug dealing or pimping hoes is a good thing. You idiots bash rappers when they’re negative and then you bash them when they try to be positive. Why don’t you professional “critics” just worry about what yall are doing…

  • Reality Check

    black friday, once again I did not state any false facts. I stated that Lincoln was not against slavery or as I stated that slavery was immoral, that his signing of the EP was a result of the survival of the Union, so where am I wrong???? Also during that time in history there were whites who did see the immorality of the enslavement of Black without having a political agenda!! So where does it show that I need to read a history book based up my statement??? Anyway my issue was with the t-shirt and the wearer and not the image, you need to read a post correctly before you call anyone ignorant!!!!!!

  • black friday

    @Reality Chek,

    I don’t wanna argue with you. Im a lover not a fighter…You seem intelligent enough, but what do you look like? If you’re in my area maybe we can get together and “debate” lol. wasup?

  • http://www.hoodiashop.com/a/4061 Christy

    why why are them fans so close.. and why why why are the Ravens losing????

  • http://bossip Ms Keys

    OMG!!! its another Beyonce post !! Kill me now

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